Matched betting profit accumulator note taking record keeping

Matched Betting Record Keeping

If you’ve recently started matched betting and have a few offers under your belt, then you’ll be forgiven for feeling like it’s all a little bit out of control! I recall being overwhelmed working out which accounts I’d opened, remembering what bets I’d placed and tracking where my money had ended up. I couldn’t always remember.

The prospect of making money quickly and easily was what attracted me to matched betting and signing up to Profit Accumulator in the first place. Spending ages trawling back through my betting accounts working out what I’d done wasn’t what I had in mind. So very quickly I realised there were some core pieces of information I needed to log and keep track of. It’s made my matched betting life a lot easier, and I hope this boring but essential blog post will do the same for you.

WHAT INFORMATION do i need to record?

There’s lots of different ways to keep track of your matched betting activity. I’ll discuss this below. The most important thing is to make sure you record the right information. Here’s a list of the essential pieces of information you need to keep note of:

  • Active bets – I keep a note of the date, bookmaker, stake, the outcome I’ve bet on and the betting exchange where I’ve laid the bet off
  • Settled bets – the profit or loss (if it is a qualifying bet) from each bet; and
  • Bank deposits and withdrawals – this is essential to help you trace your money as it goes in and out of different accounts.

I also find it helpful to keep a note of the following:

  • Bookmaker login details – by this, I mean your username and a password reminder. DO NOT write down your passwords. You will open up to 50 different accounts which can make it tricky to remember the different login details. I would encourage you to use the same or similar usernames and passwords. But this isn’t always possible, so I find it helpful to have a list to remind me.
  • Running total – I keep a record of how much money I have made in total alongside details of my settled bets.
  • Balances of my bookmaker and betting exchange accounts – I make a habit of updating this information about once a month when I also review my bank account transactions. This provides a way for me to check that the total amount actually in my accounts tallies with my records.
  • Fixture list – I participate in a few different ongoing bets which require me to place qualifying bets through the football season. I keep a list of the relevant fixtures to remind me to place these bets.
  • To do list – A to do list helps me keep on top of all the different bets I need to place and ensures I don’t miss out on all those free bets I’ve been given!
How should i record my information?

Most people use a spreadsheet to keep track of most of this information. Profit Accumulator has a Useful Spreadsheets section on their forum with lots of different examples for you to choose from. I’d recommend you check this out and see what suits you. A quick google search will also give you some options.

As for me, I’m a bit of a rarity (oddity more like you may say!). I’m an old fashioned kind of girl and I keep a notebook with all this information in it. I personally find it a lot easier to write the information down as and when I need to, rather than opening up another page on my desktop and flitting between pages to transfer the information I need.

matched betting mum profit accumulator record keeping

A laptop, notebook and calculator are my essential pieces of equipment when I’m matched betting

Matched Betting Mum notebook profit accumulator

My notebook is my matched betting bible

I always have my notebook with me when I’m working through my bets. As you can see it’s divided into sections allowing me to keep track of different elements of my matched betting. That’s why I use a chunky notebook. I also love buying stationary so this allows me a little indulgence every now and then.

But what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. I know many people will bemoan me for using such a simple system and will argue a spreadsheet saves them time. And this may well be true for them.

If you’re only just starting out matched betting, make a note of the different bets your placing and what the outcome of those bets is. I’d then urge you to have a look at some of the different spreadsheets available and try them out. Once you find a way of keeping your matched betting records up to date in a way that works for you, I can assure you you’ll feel in control.

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Matched Betting Mum Dinners lemon chilli prawn linguine

Matched Betting Mum Dinners – Lemon & Chilli Prawn Linguine

I love to cook. I hate that I don’t have much time for it. Between looking after the children, matched betting, writing blog posts and fitting in exercise in the evenings, more often than not dinner takes a back seat. I’m therefore a huge fan of tasty healthy dinners that can be done in next to no time. I’ll occasionally share my staple recipes with you here, with my tips on ensuring your meals are as cost effective as possible.

lemon & chillI prawn Linguine

As a child of the 80s I’m not very good with fish. My only encounters were with the frozen kind coated in batter or breadcrumbs. I’m getting better and I have now grown to love shell fish in particular. This meal serves 4 and takes as long as it takes to boil the pasta, about 10-12 minutes in total. That will leave you lots of time to get logged into Profit Accumulator and get your bets placed afterwards!


  • Dried linguine 375g
  • Olive oil 1 tablespoon
  • Butter 15g
  • Garlic clove 1, finely chopped
  • Spring onions 2, thinly sliced
  • Red chillies 2, deseeded and finely sliced
  • Large raw prawns 450g
  • Lemon juice 2 tablespoons
  • Chopped or dried coriander 2 tablespoons
  • Salt and pepper


Cook the pasta in lightly salted water for 10-12 minutes.

In the meantime, heat the oil and butter in a large frying pan and stir fry the spring onions, garlic and chillies for 2-3 minutes.

Add the prawns and cook briskly for 3-4 minutes until cooked through. Stir in the lemon juice and coriander, then remove from the heat.

Drain the pasta and pour into the prawn mixture. Mix together, season and you’re done.

money saving tips

Prawns aren’t the cheapest food product you can buy. But here’s my top tips on how to save money making this dish if you’re on a budget:

  • Buy frozen raw prawns. All the major supermarkets sell them in their frozen sections. Every few weeks my local Tesco offers 25% off as well (other supermarkets do the same too), so I will stock up with a few packets at a time just to pop into the freezer.
  • Freeze your chillies. If you need to buy a packet of chillies, pop those you don’t use into the freezer. There’s no need to defrost them before using frozen chillies in cooking. Simply take them out, cut them up, deseed them and add them straight to the pan.
You Baby Me Mummy

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Diary showing matched betting mum's earnings of £3107 since starting matched betting 4 months ago with Profit Accumulator

Monthly Matched Betting Diaries

I’ve toyed with the idea of setting out just exactly how much I’m making matched betting with Profit Accumulator since I started this blog. I’m not one for shouting about how much money I do or don’t have and don’t like it when others do the same.

But I want to show people just what is possible when you do matched betting, and how much you can continue to make every month! This monthly diary series therefore sets out exactly what I’ve made over the previous months. It will also give you a rough idea of how much of my time was involved and how I fitted it in around my two young children. That way, you can see whether it’s something that might work for you too. Given this is the first in the series, it covers my first four months matched betting. I hope to be more specific about how I’ve used my time in future updates.

I’m not making mega bucks and it’s not a life changing amount of money. But considering I’d otherwise have no income these are significant sums of money to me and my family. It will go a long way towards clearing our debts in the next few months.

June 2016
  • £591.13

You may be thinking that this is quite a small amount of money for my first month given the number of sign up offers available. However, I made this in less than 2 weeks because I was out of the country the rest of the time! This money was made solely from the sign up offers listed in the beginner section of Profit Accumulator’s website. I did these offers only in the evenings after the kids were in bed.

july 2016
  • £735.07

By July I was starting to move on to some of the advanced offers. I remember getting a little bit frustrated with matched betting at this point because the requirement to place more qualifying bets or to meet rollover requirements meant it was taking longer to make money. Having spoken to some of the people who’ve followed my lead after reading my introduction to matched betting on the website, I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this.

My advice to them and you is to persevere. You will make money from these offers. It’s also worthwhile doing them all because they will help build your matched betting experience. And this is essential if you want to carry on making money from matched betting.

Again, I did a lot of these offers in the evening. But I also used the time my son was sleeping during the day to place lots of bets too. This solid hour in the middle of the day was – and still is – really useful to be able to place bets on horse races.

august 2016
  • £959.62

This was my best month so far. Considering my daughter also finished nursery this month – so I had the two children to entertain – and we also went away for a week to see the in-laws, this makes the monthly total even more impressive! I benefitted from being able to complete some of the higher value advanced offers as my bank had grown in value. I also moved on to starting the reload and some of the casino offers this month as well.

Looking back, I was matched betting for a maximum of 2-3 hours about 4 days per week. I made the bets when I had a chance to log on and look for bets rather than sitting down for long periods of time (which would have been impossible!). So I placed the bets in the evenings or in the odd 20 minutes or so I occasionally had during the day. Like when the youngest was sleeping or they were both happily playing with toys or watching TV. We were also very busy during the summer so I wasn’t able to take advantage of any higher value Saturday offers either. Otherwise I’d have been able to take part in lots of offers marking the start of the new football season.

september 2016
  • £821.57

My daughter started school this month which did free up my time considerably. However, starting this blog has been a significant distraction for me and I probably did no matched betting at all in a 10-day period towards the end of the month.

This was a time for me to start trying some of the advanced techniques, such as horse racing and accumulator refunds. I’ve been really impressed with how profitable these can be. And there is extra software – acca catcher and match catcher – which you can purchase to help manage them.

total earnings

I’m really pleased that my current earnings to date total £3107.39. Since I’ve started I’ve wanted to build up my bank to around £3000 to ensure I can place bets of any size whenever I want, so this is a major milestone for me.

how to continue making money matched betting

If you’ve signed up to Profit Accumulator then I’d highly recommend you following the following threads in order to maximise your income:

  • How to make £1000 a month; and
  • How to make £300 a month PART TIME

It’s actually quite frustrating that I can see just how easy it is to make at least £1000 every single month if only I had a little more flexibility. However, the children and family are my utmost priority so I’ll often miss out on bets because they need my attention or we’re out and about. Still, given that I never spend more than 2 hours a day matched betting, I’m impressed with what I’ve achieved so far.

Matched betting is perfect for anyone who can spare a little time. Why don’t you try out Profit Accumulator’s FREE TRIAL where you will be walked through how to do matched betting step by step and can make £35-£40 simply by trying it out?

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Matched Betting Mum shows you how to make £1500 by Christmas with Profit Accumulator

All I Want for Christmas…is £1500

I recently did a post for Thrifty Mum telling her readers how you could make an extra £1500 in time for Christmas. It was very popular so I thought I owed it to all my readers to write something similar here.

It’s officially less than 10 weeks until Christmas! I make no apologies that I love this time of year. Now that I have children I can fully indulge in the pre-season countdown which kicks off with Halloween in just over a week’s time.

I appreciate the countdown to Christmas also strikes the fear of god into many people. There’s a whole host of reasons why. And money, or lack of money, often features. I must admit the hefty bills that accompany Christmas certainly take the edge of it. We’re hosting all the family this year so there’s added expense making sure we’ve got far too many sweets, biscuits and snacks. There’ll be a few extra large buffets to prepare and don’t forget the booze we’ll need too! As much as I try to plan and spread out my spending, come January there will no doubt be a rather large credit card bill landing on the doormat.

This year, however, the blow of that bill will be softened. That’s because a few months ago I discovered something very simple called matched betting which allows me to take extra money from home, working around my kids. Since I started four months ago, I’ve earned more than £3000. And if you start now, you too can easily make at least £1500 – if not more – before Christmas. Don’t tell me that extra money wouldn’t come in handy?

Matched Betting?

Sounds far too good to be true doesn’t it? I can assure you it’s not a scam. It’s been tried and tested by journalists at The Telegraph and Huffington Post. And here’s what The Guardian has to say about it:

With bookmakers offering ‘free bets’ to tempt new customers, you can play the system and pocket hundreds of pounds – with little risk to your own cash” (The Guardian, June 2010)

Despite its name, matched betting doesn’t involve you betting or gambling in the traditional sense. Instead, you can take advantage of the free bets bookmakers give out as incentives for you to sign up with them. Instead of leaving it to chance, by following a set process you can make at least 70% of the value of those free bets every time.

How does matched betting work?

It is actually very simple to play the system and make money from free bet offers. But it does take time to get your head around how and why it works.

  • Sign up to an online bookmaker which is offering a free bet for new customers.
  • Sign up to a betting exchange website. These sites let you bet against the outcome of a particular game or match.
  • Place a qualifying bet. You don’t just choose a random bet which could win or lose. Instead, you need to place 2 bets – 1 for and 1 against the same outcome. This means backing a bet with a bookmaker and also laying against that outcome with a betting exchange. By doing this, all the outcomes are covered. This means that when the match or game finishes you will get your money back.
  • You will then be awarded a free bet from the bookmaker.
  • You repeat the same process with the free bet. You need to place 2 bets, one for and one against the same outcome. Once again, you’ll get your money back. But as this was free money given to you by the bookmaker in the first place you actually make the value of the free bet so will be in profit.

As you always back and lay against the same outcome there’s never a chance for your money to be lost. This makes it a RISK FREE way of making extra money. What’s more, it’s all TAX FREE. To learn more about how it works this video tutorial about matched betting is really helpful. I also give a detailed worked example here on the website.

By following this simple method, you can always make at least 70% of the value of the free bets offered by bookmakers. There are more than 50 bookmakers in the UK with introductory offers worth well over £2000. This means there’s at least £1500 to be made simply by signing up to them. This can easily be achieved in your spare time in the run up to Christmas.

The great thing about matched betting is that the bookmakers want you to continue betting with them once you’ve signed up so there are ongoing offers all the time. If you want, you can carry on making between £500-£1000 a month if you can spare 1-2 hours a day.

How do I get started?

It’s completely possible for you to research all of the offers that are available, analyse their terms and conditions, and look manually for bets where the back and lay odds are the same or very close. But this takes an awful lot of time!

If you’re anything like me, the whole matched betting world can also seem very complicated and a little daunting. Before I started matched betting, my experience of bookmakers was very limited, apart from an annual visit to place a bet on the National (which other customers or the cashier helped me work out how to do). Not to mention that as a mum of a 1 and 4-year-old, I really don’t have much spare time to do all this on my own.

Instead, I found Profit Accumulator. This site spoon feeds me all of the information I need. It tells me what offers are available, helps me find suitable bets, talks me through placing the back and lay bets and does all the calculations for me. They offer a free trial where you get access to the training and tutorials for 2 offers, from which you will easily make £35-£40. I’ve also done a full review of the service they provide.

After the free trial you need to pay either a monthly fee of £22.99 or buy the annual package for £150. If you simply want to make some quick money in time for Christmas, then I’d recommend you buy the monthly package. Three months’ membership will only cost £68.97 and, in return, you’ll be more than £1500 better off.

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Typewriter with text saying making money online

How to make extra cash in your spare time

Since starting the matched betting mum blog, it’s always been my intention to broaden the scope. Any extra pennies we can find really do add up. So I want to share as many money making tips as I can and offer money saving advice for everyone out there. At the moment my main focus is on sharing all the information I have about matched betting. That’s why I’m so happy to have joined up with Thrifty Mum, a fellow blogger, who offers money saving advice on her site. I’m really pleased to welcome her here with a post about how to make extra money online. 

A big thank you to Matched Betting Mum for having me and letting me share my money making ideas with you all.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to tighten our belts or earn a bit of extra cash to help pay the bills. I’ve put together my three top ways to making extra money in your spare time.

1. survey sites

There are some really good survey sites out there which you can earn £30-£40 a month in either cash or vouchers. Most surveys only take a few minutes of your time, so if you only get a chance to sit down for a quick cup of tea, you can easily fit in 3-4 surveys. My two favourite, higher paying sites are:

1. Prolific Academic – this site is good as you won’t get rejected for surveys. It only gives you surveys that you are eligible for so you are not wasting your time to just be kicked out. These surveys normally pay around £2 each and take around 5-10 minutes to complete. You can cashout once you reach £5 but will have to pay the PayPal fees if you withdraw less than £20. I have found that I can easily get to over £20 in a month so I normally save it up and cash out just once a month.

2. Valued Opinions – this site pays you in gift vouchers and there are lots of retailers to choose from. My favourites are Argos or Amazon, I tend to save them up and use them to buy birthday presents. With Christmas just around the corner, this is a great way to save. The surveys on this site are normally between 50p and £1.50 and take around 10 minutes to complete.

2. Selling unwanted items

Now is a good time to start clearing out any clutter you have lying around the house. It’s good to get rid of anything you don’t use anymore, plus it also frees up space for all those toys kids get at Christmas!

There are lots of things around the house that can easily be sold on for a few pounds. Best sellers are kids clothes or toys. I find these always sell well as they aren’t used for long so are normally in excellent condition. The best place to sell is on facebook selling groups, these are also the easiest way of selling as the buyer comes to you, you don’t need to worry about postage and packaging like you do on eBay.

If you have lots of books lying around that you won’t read again, you can now sell these on Music Magpie, along with any old CDs or DVDs you won’t watch again. You normally only get a few pence per item but if you have lots to get rid of then it will soon add up and can be added to the Christmas fund. Music Magpie also collect from your house so it saves you a job.

3 cashback sites

I’m a real fan of cashback sites, any online shopping you do, go through a cashback website first and they pay you a percentage of the cost back. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping online so I always check for cashback first. I also go through these sites when buying car or home insurance, they normally have high percentage cashback rates, I got £25 back from my car insurance this year! It can sometimes take a few weeks to be rewarded the cash but it is also a great way to save. If you do all your shopping online, you van build up your cashback savings pot and by the end of the year you could have a nice amount waiting for you.

The two most common sites are Quidco and TopCashback. Using these sites is pretty much just free money as you’re already shopping online so you may as well get a little cashback each time. Both of these sites also have sections for “free cashback”, where you don’t even need to make a purchase with them. I highly recommend both of these pages for making extra cash.

For more money making tips and how to save money, pop along and take a look at my website and let me know if I can help you out with anything.

Thank you once again to Matched Betting Mum for having me.


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Matched Betting: Getting Established

When you start matched betting the most important thing is to really get to grips with how the process works. Working through the beginner offers that Profit Accumulator guide you through, you’ll soon get used to using the oddsmatching software to find your bets, setting up your bookmaker accounts , checking the back and lay bets and subsequently placing those bets.

However, you will soon need to ask yourself whether you simply want to make as much money as possible from the sign up offers or if you’re keen to carry on matched betting for as long as possible. This will depend on your circumstances. Understandably, many people will want to carry on matched betting, especially when it’s so easy to make upwards of £500 every month. If that’s you, then there are some important steps you need to take to sustain your matched betting career.

IE Snare

The gambling game is a pretty shady business. Lots of naughty people can use it to launder money and it’s also highly addictive. As a result, some very strict requirements are placed on bookmakers to ensure they check people’s identity and take steps to avoid fraudulent activity. This justifies their use of spyware on your computer called iesnare. When installed on your computer, iesnare monitors your behaviour including:

  • the web pages you visit;
  • your computer’s data; and
  • your browsing data.

Iesnare can be installed on your computer simply by clicking on a bookmaker site. You don’t even have to be logged in. And once it’s there it will monitor your behaviour and feed this information back to the bookies. If the software is on your machine, you can expect to get gubbed from your bookmaker accounts very quickly. This means you won’t be able to take advantage of any future offers.

It’s easy to find out if iesnare is installed on your computer by doing a search. But you’ll then need to take steps to get rid – and stay rid – of it. Simply deleting it isn’t enough as it will no doubt be reinstalled click on a bookmaker site in the future. The geegeez blog has a brilliant post which tells you everything you need to know about iesnare and how to remove it from your computer permanently. I’d urge everyone who wants to do matched betting for as long as possible to remove iesnare from your computer as soon as possible.


Not the tasty treat type rather the boring small computer files that get stored on your computer when you access different websites. In very simple terms, they store data about you which makes it easier for you to use those websites in the future. Most companies also use advertising cookies which are quite powerful and are able to track the pages you have visited and products you have looked at.

It is advisable to clear the cookies on the computer and/or mobile devices you use to do matched betting regularly. The worry is that your behaviour can be tracked and the bookmakers can work out you’re simply using them for the value of free bets.

Mix the odds

When you first start matched betting, you are advised to ensure your qualifying bets are placed at low odds, as close to the minimum odds required. You’ll then bet at high odds when you get the free bet. This is necessary when you start as you don’t want to tie up too much of your own money covering liability in the bookmakers. But if you do this regularly you will start to stand out to the bookmakers. I therefore now use a variety of odds when placing qualifying and other bets.

Don’t be greedy

To get the most money possible from a free bet you will need to use high odds. However, try not to bet at odds higher than 10. I tend to use odds ranging between 5 and 8 for my free bets. As you get more experienced, also use some of your free bets on accumulators. This will maximise your profit and the bookmakers like you placing these types of bets.

avoid arbs

When you search for matches on Profit Accumulator’s oddsmatching software a number of matches will often be listed in red at the top. These mean that the bookmaker odds are higher than the exchanges and you can make money simply by placing a bet. This is known in the industry as an arb. It can be tempting to use arbs to place your bets so you make as much money as possible.

Arbs occur because traders can sometimes be slow to alter the odds if the market changes. However, you need to be very wary of placing arbs. The bookmakers will track and monitor your betting behaviour. They will analyse the odds at the time you place bets and will compare these to the lay odds available at the same time. If they see you always taking arbs, they will very quickly limit your accounts to prevent you placing further bets.

don’t always select bets that are the best matches

Don’t always choose bets where the odds are very close. As I mentioned above, your behaviour will be tracked and analysed by the bookmakers. They don’t make any money from you if you always make closely matched bets. If you aren’t therefore seen as a valuable customer this is another excuse for a bookmaker to let you go. So while I do place bets that have a high ranking on Profit Accumulator’s oddsmatching software (above 95) I also place bets listed lower than this quite regularly.

Build up a betting profile

As you start to work your way through the reload offers listed by Profit Accumulator you will see many different types of bets linked to many different types of sport. Before you start completing these offers regularly you need to build up a profile so that your behaviour doesn’t look strange when you start making these types of bets.

So, if you want to start taking advantage of horse racing refunds, bet on a few horse races. Similarly, place a few accumulators for differing amounts and for differing numbers of legs before you try to take advantage of the accumulator offers many bookmakers offer. It goes without saying that you should always lay these bets off at a betting exchange.

Offers will also be available for some different types of sport that you might not bet on regularly, like golf, tennis, baseball, the NFL, greyhound racing and boxing. If you’ve never placed bets on these sports before, maybe make a couple of different bets at the same time. If there are a few offers linked to the sport available at the same time, don’t take advantage of them all. And make sure you bet on these sports again in the future.

And finally

If this all sounds like gobbledygook to you, don’t worry! Bookmark this page and come back to it when you have a few more of the introductory offers under your belt and you’re ready to move on in your matched betting career.


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Happy matched betting mum and daughter

My Name’s Jodie and I’m a Matched Better

It’s taken me a little while to get round to this post. By nature I’m a very private person. Just putting myself out there writing about a very specialist subject matter is scary enough. Revealing my thoughts and feelings too? That fills me with dread. But if I’m ever going to succeed in my mission to show just how easy it is for anyone to get involved in matched betting, then I think you need to see some glimpses into my rather ordinary life to see how I do it. So, here goes…

I dread the question “what do you do?” although I never used to. I had a very successful career before the birth of my eldest child Lily back in 2012. I was proud to be one of only a small number of people who made it through the graduate entry exams for a fast tracked civil service career. I worked hard and had my future mapped out. I enjoyed playing a small part in how the country works and I liked telling people about it. I miss it and maybe one day I’ll return to do something similar.

But I also remember that I wasn’t entirely happy either. The politics – both the real stuff and the office stuff – frustrated me. I also spent a lot of my 10 years in Whitehall dreaming of working for myself. So when redundancies were looming at the same time I was pregnant with Lily I jumped at the chance to escape and start a new adventure.

my very own business

Of course, I didn’t factor in the added complexity of just how much my life would be thrown upside down by the arrival of my little girl. With my hubby working away most of the week spare time was non-existent. Nevertheless, I did eventually get a small business selling upcycled furniture and vintage items up and running. And we were doing well. I was proud of starting up a business that gave us some extra cash and could also work around having a child. And I’d happily tell anyone who’d listen all about it!

But the birth of my second child, Olly, forced me to have a break. And time away from the business really made me think about how viable it was. When I thought about just how much of my time it took up, I sadly realised it wasn’t worth starting back up again. I was constantly on the road looking for new stock, painting and photographing items through the day and up late most nights doing all the marketing. And I wasn’t really able to be as creative as I wanted – the items that sold the quickest and easiest were rather plain and so the job had become rather mundane.

I still have a passion for all things old and vintage and you’ll maybe see it emerge on this blog from time to time. But it was time for a new start. Though what exactly was I going to do?

Going back to my former career was an option but it would have turned our lives upside down and that’s not something I’m prepared to do just yet. I really want to give Olly the same amount of time and attention Lily’s had from me whilst he’s young. I’m also not one for resting on my laurels. I’d been interested in starting a blog for some time but wasn’t sure anyone would want to read about my day to day routine. I knew I wouldn’t actually be that interested! However, when I discovered matched betting I realised there might be an option for me to marry the two. And so Matched Betting Mum was born.

So ‘what do you do jodie?’

But this leaves me in a bit of a quandry when I get the inevitable what do you do question. Just telling my closest friends was difficult enough. Cue blanked expressions and them being convinced I’d become a secret pro gambler. Gambling seems inherently seedy and dodgy. And telling people they can easily earn at least £500 a month from home sounds like I’m selling a scam!

So, what do I say? Do I just keep quiet or do I mention the betting? Writing this post has made me focus on what I’m really trying to achieve in writing this blog. And it’s actually made me realise there’s a lot to be proud of.

Using my own initiative, the extra money I now make every month from matched betting means I can reliably contribute to the household income. Our main aim at the moment is to clear some debt that’s been hanging around us for a while. And then, maybe a few treats for the kids and paying for next year’s holidays.

To help others work their way through what seems to be a quite complicated and befuddled process at the start (it gets easy I promise!) is actually quite a laudable thing in its own right too. I feel a great deal of responsibility if people start matched betting as a result of what I’ve written, hence all of the posts from me about how to make a success of it and avoid mistakes. And that extra money can help people in all walks of life – whether you’re in debt, unemployed, retired or are simply saving for a special occasion or want some extra cash! It’s quite an achievement to be able to help people do that.

So the next time someone asks me what I do, I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud – I’m a matched better and I write a blog telling people how they can make money doing it too!

Mummy Fever - Share With Me

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Matched Betting – Common Mistakes

You might be asking why I’ve written this post. Surely matched betting is risk free? And if you follow the instructions on Profit Accumulator to the letter, then you won’t have any problems? That is correct. However, the process involves you manoeuvring between several different internet screens, sometimes only a few minutes before a game. The simplicity of matched betting also means you can get complacent when placing bets. It can be easy to make mistakes in these situations especially if you’ve got kids thrown into the mix as well. Here are some of the most common mistakes you can make – tried and tested by me! Luckily, I’ve not lost any money but this is down to luck. I could easily be telling you a different story. So be careful out there when you’re matched betting.

Confirm your bets

  • This sounds like the simplest thing but it is very easy to forget to confirm your bets. Most – but not all – of the bookmakers and betting exchanges require you to confirm your bet immediately after you place it. If you don’t do this, then your bet won’t be placed. You’re most likely to do this when you are making a bet very close to the start of a game or race when the odds will be jumping around quite quickly. Make a habit of always checking your bet has been placed before moving on to the next offer.

Placing two lay bets

  • This is particularly common if you use Betfair as your main betting exchange. When you place lay bets with Betfair it can be quite difficult to actually find them in your betting history. They don’t always show on your betslip in the exchange. Instead, you can find them by clicking on the My Bets tab and making sure you are in the exchange section of the website. If you inadvertently place two bets, make sure you place a back bet to cancel the additional lay bet out.

Last minute horse races

  • There will come a time when you place bets very close to the wire when a horse race is about to start. I would urge you to be cautious when doing this. This is because the odds can drift very quickly close to the start of a race, meaning your calculations will be out. Always work out whether you will need to lay more or less if the odds do change after your back bet has been placed.

Unmatched bets

  • Betting exchanges work by linking you directly to people against whom you can bet. You can therefore only place a lay bet at certain odds if there is someone willing to make a back bet at those odds. The maximum stake you can make at those odds is shown at the bottom of the pink lay box. If your stake is higher than this then anything over this figure will be ‘unmatched’. If it is unmatched at the start of the game then this part of the bet will be cancelled and you won’t have a valid lay bet. I always advise people to avoid placing unmatched bets. However, if this happens to you, don’t panic. Firstly, if there is some time – a few hours or a couple of days – before the match or race then sit tight. More people will place bets closer to the start time and it is highly likely that the bet will be matched. If you can’t hang around to check the bet, there isn’t enough time, or the bet is for a very large amount that you don’t want to risk, then use the calculator at Tricky Bet. You can enter the amount that has been matched and it will help you work out how much the remainder of the lay bet needs to be at the different odds that are available.

Place a bet on the correct game or race

  • Sounds obvious but this is easy to do when lots of different games or matches are all shown on the same page, especially if the odds are quite similar. This is why you should always quickly scan and check each bet before you place it.

Remember to lay an accumulator bet

  • Accumulators are a more advanced matched betting technique that require you to place several different lay bets in a row. When you do come to making these types of bets, make sure you have a system in place – e.g. reminders on your phone – to place each of the subsequent lay bets. And make sure you check what time the match starts beforehand as I discovered one morning when I woke up and realised the match had already taken place overnight!

Make sure you calculate your free bet correctly

  • Always remember to check that the calculator is in the correct mode when calculating your bets. I didn’t lose money when I calculated a free bet in the ‘normal’ mode but I didn’t make any either when the bet won at the bookies.

Opt in to offers where necessary

  • Some bookmakers stipulate that you have to opt in to qualify for different offers. If you don’t, then you won’t be given your free bet or bonus even if you placed the correct qualifying bet.

Read the terms carefully

  • Always check the terms and conditions attached to an offer. If you don’t stick to them, then you won’t qualify for an offer. It’s important to check the minimum and maximum odds and the mode in which you need to place a bet, for example some offers specify they can only be placed via a mobile. If you don’t comply, you won’t get the free bet or bonus.

Use your free bets before they expire

  • Use your free bets as soon as they are awarded to you and always double check how long you have to use the bet before it expires. Sadly I’ve lost quite a few this way…

Don’t gamble

  •  Although not technically a mistake, the cardinal sin a matched better can make is to gamble with their own money. The bookmakers want you to do this – to take a chance on an almost certain outcome, or to have just one more spin on a slot machine. That’s how they make their money. And, for the most part, that’s how people lose money. Always remember that you signed up to Profit Accumulator to make money and it’s not worth risking your profit on a game of chance!

I’m always learning on my matched betting journey. If you have experiences you’d like to share here then let me know, so we can all help each other.

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Matched Betting Terminology

The betting world can seem a very strange place for those starting out. Add to this the fact that matched betting seems to have its own language, it’s downright confusing! So this guide to common terminology will help you make sense of it.

Acca Catcher
  • A brand new piece of software recently launched by Profit Accumulator to help find matching accumulator bets (see below).
  • You will also see these referred to as  accas. This is when you place a number of different bets on a series of matches or races. If all of the bets win, all of the odds will be multiplied together.
  • An arb is when the back bet odds are higher than the lay odds available. You can make money by placing these types of bets. However, bookmakers don’t like you making these bets unless they have purposely enhanced the odds, for example as a special offer. So it is best to avoid making these types of bets. This means avoiding any bets on the oddsmatching software with a rating of 100 or more.
  • To back a bet means to bet that your selection will win. For example, “I bet that Andy Murray will win Wimbledon“, or “I bet that the horse ‘Sandy’ will win the horse race“.
best odds guaranteed / Bog
  • A bookmaker will pay out at the best odds that were offered on that specific horse or match. This means that if you back a bet at lower odds and it wins, then you will get an additional bonus of the boost in these odds in your payout at the bookmaker site.
Betting exchange
  • A site that allows you to place lay bets. The betting exchange matches back and lay bets up at the same odds, and effectively connects you electronically to people who are backing the same event at the same odds.
  • Funds awarded to you by a bookmaker with which to place bets. These are different to a free bet because you can usually keep the bonus amount.
  • Paying money into your accounts which is then available to place back or lay bets.
  • Using a different bookmaker rather than a betting exchange to cover all the possibilities of a betting outcome. This is a more specialist technique for more advanced matched betters.
eachway / ew
  • A bet that will pay out winnings for runner up positions, such as finishing in the top 4 in a horse race.
extra place offers
  • Offers when the bookmaker will pay out for additional runners up when you place an each way bet. More advanced matched betters often make extra money by backing these types of events.
Free bet
  • Money given to you by a bookmaker with which to place a bet.
  • If a bookmaker thinks you are taking advantage of them simply for the free bets they offer, they can limit your account. This is known as gubbing or being gubbed. They can stop awarding you free bets or place significant restrictions on how your account is used.
in-play bets
  • When you place a bet when the game or match is live.
Lay bets
  • When you bet against something happening. For example, “I bet England won’t win“, “I bet Tottenham won’t score a goal in that game“.
  • This is the amount of money you will lose if the lay bet loses. When you place a lay bet, you are essentially matched up with a customer who is backing the same bet at those odds. If their bet wins, you need to pay them what they are owed. However, remember that when a lay bet loses, your bet will win the bookmaker account. So the money that is deducted from your betting exchange account will always be added to your bookmaker account where you placed the back bet.
Lock in
  • Special methods that help you secure a profit no matter what the outcome. This is an advanced technique normally used if free bets are dependent on a certain outcome.
Match catcher
  • This is a piece of software developed by Profit Accumulator to help track back and lay bets for horse races which have special offers associated with them.
Mug bets
  • When you start using the same bookmaker for different offers, it is advisable to look after your accounts so that you look like a normal customer. If you only ever place bets that are associated with offers you may have your account gubbed. This would stop you being able to continue making money matched betting. In the matched betting world, normal customers are known as “mug customers” because invariably you will always lose when gambling. It’s not the nicest term is it? One method to look normal is to place mug bets where you don’t stand to gain anything from the bet. You’ll always need to lay these off to ensure you don’t lose any money.
  • Odds show the ratio you will be paid if your bet wins. In the UK, odds are normally expressed in a fractional format, e.g. 2/1 or 9/2. The latter number represents the amount you bet and the first number shows how you much you will win if your bet wins. So, at odds of 2/1 for every £1 you bet you will win £2. At odds of 9/2 you will win £9 for every £2 you bet. In matched betting you will use decimal formats for odds, which shows you the amount your bet will be multiplied by if it wins. For example, 3.0 or 5.5. You can use Odds Converter to work out the different formats.
  • The software used by Profit Accumulator to help you find back and lay bets at close odds.
  • When you place a lay stake at a higher amount than would normally be suggested by the calculator. This is sometimes used by advanced matched betters.
Price boost / enhanced odds
  • Bookmakers will sometimes have special deals offering enhanced odds. If these odds are higher than the lay odds you will can make a profit simply by backing and laying on that match. This is an advanced technique so you shouldn’t worry about this at first.
Qualifying loss
  • The small loss you will make when placing your qualifying bet, taking account of any difference in odds and commission payable to the exchange.
  • Reload offers are the ongoing offers that bookmakers offer to keep you betting with them. Once you have completed all of the sign up offers, this is how you continue to make money from matched betting in the longer term.
  • The number of times your free bet or bonus might need to be placed before it is possible to withdraw money from the bookmakers.
  • When your bets have been completed, e.g. the match or race has finished, they will be settled.
  • The amount you need to bet.
  • This stands for stake not returned. You select this option on the calculator when making the calculations for free bets which don’t return the stake.
  • This stands for starting price and refers to the odds at the time the race or match gets underway.
  • When you place a lay bet at a lower amount than would normally be recommended by the calculators. This is an advanced matched betting technique.
Unmatched bet
  • When you place a lay bet at a betting exchange, you will notice a figure at the bottom of the pink lay box which also shows the odds. As explained above, a betting exchange is a place where back and lay bets can be matched at the same odds. This figure shows the maximum amount of money available for you to place a lay bet at the odds shown. If you exceed this, this part of the lay bet will be unmatched.
  • Conditions attached when placing qualifying bets. For example, there might be a minimum odds requirement or a certain number of bets that need to be placed.

If there’s any other betting terms still confusing you, then let me know. I’ll be happy to decipher them for you.

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Top Tips For Getting Started With Matched Betting

So, you’ve read about matched betting and signed up for Profit Accumulator’s free trial. You’ll be told how to place your first few bets step by step. But actually doing it is another thing. Here’s a few top tips to help you get over that first hurdle:

  • Read the training documents thoroughly. Also watch and listen to the video tutorials on Profit Accumulator several times before doing anything else. There’s a lot of information to get your head around and you really need to understand what to do before getting started. It can be tempting to just get going. But this is when mistakes can happen.
  • Print out the instructions. I found it helpful to print out the instructions when completing my first few offers so that I could tick each stage off as it was completed. After you’ve done this a few times it will become very easy and you’ll be able to place the bets without thinking too much about it.
  • Have a dummy run. Find a suitable bet and where you need to back and lay the bets on the relevant websites. Instead of actually placing the bets, write the information down and then track what would have happened to your money when the match has finished.
  • Check the odds are correct before placing your bets. Odds fluctuate up & down and can therefore be different by the time you log in to your bookmaker and exchange account. If they are different then don’t place the bets because the calculations will be wrong. You will either need to find a different bet or enter the revised odds into the calculator to work out how much you need to bet.
  • Also check the figure listed under the pink lay box at the betting exchange before placing any bets. This is the maximum amount you can bet at those odds. If you need to place a larger bet, then look for a different match.
  • Stick to high profile football – e.g. the Premier League – for your first few bets. The odds are more stable with bets on these games and there will be more money in the market meaning it’s likely that the limits you can place on lay bets will be higher.
  • Don’t bet on obscure matches. Bookmakers are wise to people signing up to take advantage of their offers. You’re going to stand out like a sore thumb if you sign up and start betting on second division Japanese league games.
  • Make sure you have enough liability in your betting exchange account to place the bet. This is the amount you will lose from that account if the bet wins at the bookmakers. Remember you will not lose this money because the money will instead be put into your bookmaker account as winnings. Think of it as the money transferring between your accounts.
  • You will normally need to confirm both your back bet and lay bet after they have been entered. Make sure you press this button otherwise your bets won’t be registered.
  • Check the figures before confirming your bets. Have you placed the correct amount for the back bet with the bookmaker? And are the lay bet and liability the same as the calculator tells you? If there are differences of more than a few pennies or so, then double check the figures you’ve entered are correct.
  • Track your money and bets. Keep a note of how much money you’ve deposited, what bets you’ve placed and how much money is in your accounts after the bets have settled. It can get complicated the more bookmaker accounts you open but there are lots of spreadsheets available to help you keep tabs on how much money you’re making!
  • Take your time. Once you’ve placed your first few bets it can be tempting just to crack on and make money as quickly as possible. Once you’ve mastered the matched betting process, you’ll realise it’s actually very quick and easy. But that’s when you can get complacent and are probably more likely to make mistakes. Always double check your figures before placing any bets and make sure you confirm all of your bets.
  • Treat matched betting like an investment. Build your pot up before you start withdrawing from it to allow you more flexibility to place bets and grow that pot of money even further.

Finally, enjoy it! It’s satisfying seeing your money grow. You might even get a new interest in sport. I’m not an avid sports fan but I do find my knowledge of sports has increased substantially in only 3 months and I’ve surprised myself in just how much I now know. My husband also likes the fact I now have a genuine interest when we’re chatting about the footie results!

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