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Monthly Matched Betting Diary…5 months on

Last month I started my regular series of posts about how much money I’m making from matched betting. The last month has flown by and I can’t quite believe it’s time for another update.

The reason for me posting these updates is to show just how much it’s possible to make matched betting. There are lots of people with more time and flexibility making more than me. But as a busy mum with little spare time, I’m happy with regularly achieving anything between £500 and £1000 a month.

October 2016
  • The total amount I made matched betting in October was £691.01.

Seeing as my monthly goal was £500 when I started out I should be very happy with this. It’s the second month of me working my way through reload offers alone. These are the ongoing offers from bookmakers to entice you to keep betting with them. There aren’t quite as many juicy and easy offers to take advantage of, so I was expecting it to be harder to make money. In reality, it wasn’t! Matched betting also took a bit of a back seat as it was half term this month and I’ve been getting more and more involved in this blog. It left an hour or so at most when I did get a chance to check out Profit Accumulator and get some offers completed.

But I am also slightly disappointed with myself. I made a couple of schoolgirl errors one day which cost me £100, wiping out the money I’d made in the past couple of days. I was a little bit gutted because I didn’t follow my own advice about the common mistakes you can make matched betting. But, mistakes can and will happen. You just need to learn from them and move on, otherwise you’ll go mad kicking yourself about them. And still, nearly £700 isn’t to be sniffed at!

what offers did you do?

So how did I make that money? Here’s a breakdown of the different types of offers I got involved in:

  • BET X, AND GET A FREE BET: £291.75. These are the bread and butter offers where you bet a certain amount and get a free bet. There were lots of in-play offers available this month, where you bet on the event as it’s taking place. In return you get a free bet, often to be used on another live event. Also make sure you check your emails regularly, including your junk folder. I was sent a couple of very good invitation only offers from bookies I rarely use which helped with this month’s total.
  • CASINO OFFERS: £139.34. This is the first month I’ve attempted some of the riskier casino offers. I’m still not prepared to risk more than £10 on these offers but, as you can see, they can be very profitable. If you’re a little bit unsure about attempting these my introductory guide will help you get started.
  • HORSE RACING REFUNDS: £133.29. These are offers where you only get a free bet if your horse wins, is a runner up, or falls. I dabble in these occasionally when I think there might be a reasonable chance of me ‘winning’ a free bet.
  • ACCUMULATOR REFUNDS: £24.73.  These are offers where you get a free bet if one leg of an accumulator – where you bet on a few different results – loses. I made some silly mistakes with accumulator bets this month so I’m disappointed with this total. However, it’s taught me to be diligent in setting reminders when I need to place different lay bets.
  • PRICE BOOSTS: £90.91. Price boosts are when bookmakers enhance their odds on certain events, pushing the odds higher than the lay odds available. This means you can make an instant profit simply by placing one bet. At first, I was reluctant to do these types of bets as the amounts you could make from them were often very small. However, they are so quick and easy. And obviously, those pounds really do add up!
  • LOCK-INS: £9.97. These are offers where you can guarantee a profit by placing bets on certain eventualities occurring. As you can tell, I don’t often get involved in these types of offers. You can work these out for yourself with different calculators provided by Profit Accumulator. However, this is too much faff for me. Helpfully, the good people on the Profit Accumulator forum often share their findings which is when I would place these types of bets.
  • BINGO OFFERS: £13.80. I love bingo so was more than a little bit disappointed by the automated online games when I tried these a while ago! However, I thought I should try a few more this month and am very happy to have made some money from them. Look out for a post from me about these when I get more experience.
  • MUG BETS: -£12.78. These are the bets you place periodically to look like a ‘normal’ customer in the eyes of the bookmaker. This will always be deducted from your monthly total because you will make a small loss on each bet you place. As you can tell from the low amount I don’t place mug bets that often and I probably need to do more.
how much have you made since you started matched betting?

This is my 5th month of matched betting and the total to date now stands at an impressive £3798.40! You can see my previous earnings reports here.

how can i get involved?

It’s so easy for anyone to get involved in matched betting. As a first step, read my guide explaining what matched betting is to get your head around what you need to do. Then sign up for a free trial at Profit Accumulator. They will walk you through the matched betting process step by step. You can make £35-£40 simply by trying a couple of the different introductory offers available. It’s the perfect way of seeing if matched betting is for you.

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An Introduction to Casino Offers

A bonus feature of Profit Accumulator membership is a whole section full of casino offers to work your way through. These are in addition to all the matched betting offers which are the bread and butter of the money I make every month.

Profit Accumulator recommends you start these offers as soon as you have finished all the offers in the beginners section. But it took me a while to pluck up the courage to start these offers. Whilst I’d become familiar with matched betting, this was another thing I needed to understand and learn about. In themselves, the offers are quite straightforward and simple to do. But for a girl who’s only real experience of slot machines is through the penny slots at the seaside, I did feel a little out of my depth!

I didn’t understand the terminology and abbreviations being used. While there are guides on how to approach the different offers, there was no comprehensive training like there had been for matched betting. And there is an element of choice in how you approach some of the offers. Factor in the fact that you can lose your own money on some of them, then I was definitely put off.

However, I knew that this was something that I wanted to add to my armoury; any extra money I could make wouldn’t go amiss after all! And there’s the off chance you could hit a big win; I’ve seen tales of people winning a few thousand pounds just by completing these offers. So I’ve completed about half of the offers now and made about £200 in total. I’m very happy with that. Here’s what I’ve learnt if you find yourself in the same situation as me.


You’ll see these terms mentioned time and time again.

  • EV / ESTIMATED VALUE: Based on the terms and conditions for each offer, Profit Accumulator work out whether, on average, people are likely to make money. If there is a negative EV, then these offers won’t be recommended.
  • HIGH LINES & LOW STAKES: On most games you can alter the amount you bet by changing the value of the coins you can win and changing the numbers of lines on which money is paid out. By selecting a high number of lines at low stakes this approach is often recommended if you have a large amount of money to play through.
  • RTP / RETURN TO PLAYER: This is the percentage that customers will win from the game in its lifetime. This does not mean you will always win this amount as it will even itself out across different customers.
  • WAGERING: The number of times you need to play through any winnings, deposits or bonus amounts to be able to withdraw money. The riskier offers often tend to have very high wagering requirements, meaning it’s more likely you will lose your money.
how to approach the casino offers
  • Have a browse through all of the casino offers that are available to familiarise yourself with the way they work.
  • Get started by completing the risk free offers. You should be aware that it’s highly unlikely you’ll make any money from these but they do provide a safe environment for you to get familiar with different games, alter the stake and line amounts, and experience the time it takes to wager through high amounts at low stakes.
  • For the offers where your own money is at risk, follow the advice on Profit Accumulator. If you need further guidance then each offer is discussed individually on the forum.
  • In general, it is better to select games to play that have a high value return to player/RTP especially where your own money is at risk.
  • For the riskier offers, only play with an amount of money you’d be prepared to lose. Personally I’ve only ever risked a maximum of £10 on these games. However, if I’m having a particularly good month matched betting then I would be prepared to risk more. Although the good people at Profit Accumulator crunch the numbers to help calculate whether these offers are worth taking a risk on, by participating you are essentially gambling and you might lose money. I’ve lost money on the last couple of offers I’ve completed and it is a bitter pill to swallow. Be prepared for this. And when you do lose, don’t mull it over too much; just move on to the next offer.
  • Be prepared for the wagering to take a very long time. Sometimes you will need to wager through hundreds of pounds. It’s not unusual for this to take a few hours. When I have large amounts to wager through, I always set up autospins. I like to have it working away in the background while I get on with the ironing. I hate ironing, but having this on in the background does really help to while away the time.
  • Be careful not to start gambling with your own money. The games are set up to entice you to play and win the elusive jackpots on offer. It can be tempting to do just one more spin, especially when you have a large jackpot amount flashing at you with a sign saying it must be won soon.
  • Don’t get hung up on how much you see other people making from these offers. The amount of money you can make is purely down to chance. You will get lucky on some offers, not on others. Most people don’t walk away with thousands, so don’t expect to win the same amount. It’s better to have the attitude that any money you make – no matter how small – is a bonus.
  • You will get lots of casino offers sent to you via email. In general, these offers will reward you with a casino bonus if you deposit a certain amount. The wagering requirements on these offers are often quite high and are generally too risky. I tend to simply delete these emails. However, if I’m ever in any doubt I will consult the ‘Is this offer worth doing?‘ thread on the Profit Accumulator forum.

If you’re tempted to get started with the casino offers, then make sure you sign up to Profit Accumulator’s monthly or annual package; the offers will then be sitting there waiting for you to get started!


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Diary showing matched betting mum's earnings of £3107 since starting matched betting 4 months ago with Profit Accumulator

Monthly Matched Betting Diaries

I’ve toyed with the idea of setting out just exactly how much I’m making matched betting with Profit Accumulator since I started this blog. I’m not one for shouting about how much money I do or don’t have and don’t like it when others do the same.

But I want to show people just what is possible when you do matched betting, and how much you can continue to make every month! This monthly diary series therefore sets out exactly what I’ve made over the previous months. It will also give you a rough idea of how much of my time was involved and how I fitted it in around my two young children. That way, you can see whether it’s something that might work for you too. Given this is the first in the series, it covers my first four months matched betting. I hope to be more specific about how I’ve used my time in future updates.

I’m not making mega bucks and it’s not a life changing amount of money. But considering I’d otherwise have no income these are significant sums of money to me and my family. It will go a long way towards clearing our debts in the next few months.

June 2016
  • £591.13

You may be thinking that this is quite a small amount of money for my first month given the number of sign up offers available. However, I made this in less than 2 weeks because I was out of the country the rest of the time! This money was made solely from the sign up offers listed in the beginner section of Profit Accumulator’s website. I did these offers only in the evenings after the kids were in bed.

july 2016
  • £735.07

By July I was starting to move on to some of the advanced offers. I remember getting a little bit frustrated with matched betting at this point because the requirement to place more qualifying bets or to meet rollover requirements meant it was taking longer to make money. Having spoken to some of the people who’ve followed my lead after reading my introduction to matched betting on the website, I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this.

My advice to them and you is to persevere. You will make money from these offers. It’s also worthwhile doing them all because they will help build your matched betting experience. And this is essential if you want to carry on making money from matched betting.

Again, I did a lot of these offers in the evening. But I also used the time my son was sleeping during the day to place lots of bets too. This solid hour in the middle of the day was – and still is – really useful to be able to place bets on horse races.

august 2016
  • £959.62

This was my best month so far. Considering my daughter also finished nursery this month – so I had the two children to entertain – and we also went away for a week to see the in-laws, this makes the monthly total even more impressive! I benefitted from being able to complete some of the higher value advanced offers as my bank had grown in value. I also moved on to starting the reload and some of the casino offers this month as well.

Looking back, I was matched betting for a maximum of 2-3 hours about 4 days per week. I made the bets when I had a chance to log on and look for bets rather than sitting down for long periods of time (which would have been impossible!). So I placed the bets in the evenings or in the odd 20 minutes or so I occasionally had during the day. Like when the youngest was sleeping or they were both happily playing with toys or watching TV. We were also very busy during the summer so I wasn’t able to take advantage of any higher value Saturday offers either. Otherwise I’d have been able to take part in lots of offers marking the start of the new football season.

september 2016
  • £821.57

My daughter started school this month which did free up my time considerably. However, starting this blog has been a significant distraction for me and I probably did no matched betting at all in a 10-day period towards the end of the month.

This was a time for me to start trying some of the advanced techniques, such as horse racing and accumulator refunds. I’ve been really impressed with how profitable these can be. And there is extra software – acca catcher and match catcher – which you can purchase to help manage them.

total earnings

I’m really pleased that my current earnings to date total £3107.39. Since I’ve started I’ve wanted to build up my bank to around £3000 to ensure I can place bets of any size whenever I want, so this is a major milestone for me.

how to continue making money matched betting

If you’ve signed up to Profit Accumulator then I’d highly recommend you following the following threads in order to maximise your income:

  • How to make £1000 a month; and
  • How to make £300 a month PART TIME

It’s actually quite frustrating that I can see just how easy it is to make at least £1000 every single month if only I had a little more flexibility. However, the children and family are my utmost priority so I’ll often miss out on bets because they need my attention or we’re out and about. Still, given that I never spend more than 2 hours a day matched betting, I’m impressed with what I’ve achieved so far.

Matched betting is perfect for anyone who can spare a little time. Why don’t you try out Profit Accumulator’s FREE TRIAL where you will be walked through how to do matched betting step by step and can make £35-£40 simply by trying it out?

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Matched Betting Mum shows you how to make £1500 by Christmas with Profit Accumulator

All I Want for Christmas…is £1500

I recently did a post for Thrifty Mum telling her readers how you could make an extra £1500 in time for Christmas. It was very popular so I thought I owed it to all my readers to write something similar here.

It’s officially less than 10 weeks until Christmas! I make no apologies that I love this time of year. Now that I have children I can fully indulge in the pre-season countdown which kicks off with Halloween in just over a week’s time.

I appreciate the countdown to Christmas also strikes the fear of god into many people. There’s a whole host of reasons why. And money, or lack of money, often features. I must admit the hefty bills that accompany Christmas certainly take the edge of it. We’re hosting all the family this year so there’s added expense making sure we’ve got far too many sweets, biscuits and snacks. There’ll be a few extra large buffets to prepare and don’t forget the booze we’ll need too! As much as I try to plan and spread out my spending, come January there will no doubt be a rather large credit card bill landing on the doormat.

This year, however, the blow of that bill will be softened. That’s because a few months ago I discovered something very simple called matched betting which allows me to take extra money from home, working around my kids. Since I started four months ago, I’ve earned more than £3000. And if you start now, you too can easily make at least £1500 – if not more – before Christmas. Don’t tell me that extra money wouldn’t come in handy?

Matched Betting?

Sounds far too good to be true doesn’t it? I can assure you it’s not a scam. It’s been tried and tested by journalists at The Telegraph and Huffington Post. And here’s what The Guardian has to say about it:

With bookmakers offering ‘free bets’ to tempt new customers, you can play the system and pocket hundreds of pounds – with little risk to your own cash” (The Guardian, June 2010)

Despite its name, matched betting doesn’t involve you betting or gambling in the traditional sense. Instead, you can take advantage of the free bets bookmakers give out as incentives for you to sign up with them. Instead of leaving it to chance, by following a set process you can make at least 70% of the value of those free bets every time.

How does matched betting work?

It is actually very simple to play the system and make money from free bet offers. But it does take time to get your head around how and why it works.

  • Sign up to an online bookmaker which is offering a free bet for new customers.
  • Sign up to a betting exchange website. These sites let you bet against the outcome of a particular game or match.
  • Place a qualifying bet. You don’t just choose a random bet which could win or lose. Instead, you need to place 2 bets – 1 for and 1 against the same outcome. This means backing a bet with a bookmaker and also laying against that outcome with a betting exchange. By doing this, all the outcomes are covered. This means that when the match or game finishes you will get your money back.
  • You will then be awarded a free bet from the bookmaker.
  • You repeat the same process with the free bet. You need to place 2 bets, one for and one against the same outcome. Once again, you’ll get your money back. But as this was free money given to you by the bookmaker in the first place you actually make the value of the free bet so will be in profit.

As you always back and lay against the same outcome there’s never a chance for your money to be lost. This makes it a RISK FREE way of making extra money. What’s more, it’s all TAX FREE. To learn more about how it works this video tutorial about matched betting is really helpful. I also give a detailed worked example here on the website.

By following this simple method, you can always make at least 70% of the value of the free bets offered by bookmakers. There are more than 50 bookmakers in the UK with introductory offers worth well over £2000. This means there’s at least £1500 to be made simply by signing up to them. This can easily be achieved in your spare time in the run up to Christmas.

The great thing about matched betting is that the bookmakers want you to continue betting with them once you’ve signed up so there are ongoing offers all the time. If you want, you can carry on making between £500-£1000 a month if you can spare 1-2 hours a day.

How do I get started?

It’s completely possible for you to research all of the offers that are available, analyse their terms and conditions, and look manually for bets where the back and lay odds are the same or very close. But this takes an awful lot of time!

If you’re anything like me, the whole matched betting world can also seem very complicated and a little daunting. Before I started matched betting, my experience of bookmakers was very limited, apart from an annual visit to place a bet on the National (which other customers or the cashier helped me work out how to do). Not to mention that as a mum of a 1 and 4-year-old, I really don’t have much spare time to do all this on my own.

Instead, I found Profit Accumulator. This site spoon feeds me all of the information I need. It tells me what offers are available, helps me find suitable bets, talks me through placing the back and lay bets and does all the calculations for me. They offer a free trial where you get access to the training and tutorials for 2 offers, from which you will easily make £35-£40. I’ve also done a full review of the service they provide.

After the free trial you need to pay either a monthly fee of £22.99 or buy the annual package for £150. If you simply want to make some quick money in time for Christmas, then I’d recommend you buy the monthly package. Three months’ membership will only cost £68.97 and, in return, you’ll be more than £1500 better off.

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