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Profit Accumulator is a matched betting subscription service. But what will you be paying for if you sign up to them? And are they worth it? This Profit Accumulator  review aims to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about whether Profit Accumulator is right for you.


There are a few different companies which offer services to help you make money from matched betting.

In exchange for a monthly or annual fee, you will receive all the training, tools and support you need to start matched betting. They spoon feed you step by step guidance. The intention is to give you the confidence to find bets, calculate how much they need be and work out how much money you can make from each offer.


I initially signed up to Profit Accumulator’s free trial. After making £35 using their training I decided to join up.

One year on, I’ve made nearly £8,000 – in my spare time. I couldn’t have done this without the help of Profit Accumulator. I’m more than impressed with the service they provide!


Although the matched betting process is simple, getting started is daunting. It’s particularly scary if you’ve never placed a bet before.

These factors also make matched betting more complicated:

  • Betting exchanges charge a small commission on making lay bets. This means you will always make a small loss (normally no more than 5%) on the initial qualifying stake.
  • The commission makes the calculations involved a little more complicated.
  • Bookmakers are wise to people signing up with them simply to take advantage of their offers. As a result their terms and conditions can be quite complicated and might include requirements to place additional bets to be able to withdraw your money.
  • Bookmakers profit from keeping their odds slightly lower than the odds offered at betting exchanges so it can be difficult to find good matches between the bookie and exchange odds.

With the help of the internet, there is a lot of guidance out there to help you. But this takes time to work through. And time is something that not many of us have too much of. I can only spare about six hours per week for matched betting. So I need access to a reliable matched betting service which will help me to find the bets and tell me what I need to do to make the most money. Profit Accumulator fills this gap by holding my hand and guiding me step by step through the matched betting process.


There are a few different websites which offer a similar service, so why did Profit Accumulator stand out for me?


  • After you register, there are a selection of training videos which explain the process of matched betting and show you exactly how to make the different types of bets. They show you the different bookmaker and exchange websites and include detail of bets being placed. This means you will even know exactly where you need to put your cursor when you place your first few bets.
  • The training and guidance is also available in written form if you prefer.
  • All of the training and guidance is written simply and is very easy to follow. If you follow the instructions precisely you will not make mistakes.
  • The website has a dedicated help section.
  • The Profit Accumulator team can also be contacted 7 days a week via telephone and email to offer advice and assistance should you get stuck. I’ve been in touch with their customer services team a few times and can vouch for how quick they are to respond. And my queries weren’t even urgent!


  • You have access to a long list of offers to complete as soon as you sign up. These are updated every day.
  • The sportsbook sign up offers listed are currently worth more than £2000 in free bets and bonuses alone. There are more offers listed than any other matched betting service.
  • There are also sections for the ongoing reload offers (which allow you to carry on making money matched betting), casino offers and bingo offers.
  • I’ve been particularly impressed at how quickly the offers are updated, complete with guidance on how to complete them. Further, as soon as an offer is out of date it is removed.
  • Should the terms and conditions attached to an offer change, this information is also updated immediately.


  • There are currently 70 introductory bonus offers listed on Profit Accumulator’s full site. Attached to these offers are more than £1700 worth of offers.
  • Existing Profit Accumulator members also benefit from constant updates to this list as new bookmakers emerge on to the market. I always find new sign up offers I can take advantage of every couple of months.
  • There are regularly more than 100 reload, casino and bingo offers listed too!


  • Profit Accumulator stands out from its competitors in the excellent software it offers all its members. There is continual investment to upgrade the existing software. And new tools are always being introduced to make matched betting as easy as possible.


  • Oddsmatching software is the prime piece of software on Profit Accumulator. It searches thousands of different fixtures and lists the bets where the different bookmakers and betting exchanges which have closely matched odds.
  • Profit Accumulator continues to invest in this software to ensure it is speedy and responsive. This ensures the odds are the same when you come to placing your bets at a bookmaker or exchange.
  • New oddsmatching software was launched in June 2017. In response to the increased numbers of online bookmakers now available in the UK, the bookmakers included in this software was updated and is now very exhaustive.
  • It also now includes a wider list of fixtures. So, as well as searching football and horse racing fixtures, it also lists close matches for tennis, rugby and baseball matches.


  • A calculator works out the most profitable outcome and tells you exactly how much you need to bet and exactly how much money you will make. You don’t need to be an expert mathematician to do matched betting; the calculator does all of the work for you.
  • As you become more experienced there are also advanced calculators to help you with more specialist techniques. This includes a new each-way calculator (for placing each-way bets on horse racing), dutching calculator (where you place bets on the different outcomes with bookmakers rather than using a betting exchange) and fixabet calculator (to help where you make mistakes placing back or lay bets).


  • New, industry-leading software is now available for all members to help you take advantage of accumulator offers and horse racing refunds.
  • Acca Catcher searches through 1000s of different combinations of bets to show you how much money you are likely to make from different accumulator bets. It calculates how much you need to bet, updates this at each stage of the accumulator and alerts you to help you keep track at each stage.
  • Match Catcher helps you find matching bets for horse racing refund offers, with quicker updates to the odds and filters that allow you to search for specific races more easily.


  • A new profit tracker tool enables users to add details of their profit or loss from each offer they complete.
  • In addition, it’s possible to keep track of your balances with different bookmakers.
  • This means all of your matched betting records can be kept in one place rather than lots of different spreadsheets.


  • Although matched betting is becoming more popular, most people have still never heard of it. This means there is a great degree of scepticism about matched betting and the different websites that support it.
  • I joined Profit Accumulator because it is the biggest matched betting service in the UK. There are more than 20,000 active members. With so many members, this assured me that the site was legitimate.
  • With so many people choosing to stay with Profit Accumulator month after month, this also highlighted it was possible to make money from matched betting over the long term.


  • As the largest service in the UK, this means that the Profit Accumulator forum is also the most active – and knowledgeable – matched betting community. The forum is packed full of tips and tricks to help with your matched betting.
  • Access to the forum has proved to be the thing I value most from my membership of Profit Accumulator. This surprised me because I don’t like using forums normally. However, the forum has all of the answers to any questions you are likely to have about matched betting. I rarely post in the forum because all of the information is always there already.
  • A dedicated team of moderators and administrators answer all queries promptly and accurately.
  • The forum is clearly organised. There are different threads for each offer. It is also very easy to navigate the different subjects in the forum.
  • You can search for support on any issue. The range of topics is huge. If you have a question, it is more than likely the answer will already be on the forum.
  • As there are so many members, you can have quick access to offers as soon as they become available. This is crucial because some types of offer, like price boosts, will only be available for very short periods.
  • Most usefully, there are specific threads which set out how you can make at least £1000 per month or, if you’re trying to fit this in around full-time work, an extra £300 per month. If you’re really keen there’s even help about how you can turn this money making hobby into more of a full-time job!


  • My aim is to make roughly £500 per month matched betting a few hours each week. Since I started in July 2016, I’ve made nearly £8,000.
  • Take a look at my monthly matched betting diaries to find out how I manage this.
  • At the most I can normally spare about 6 hours per week for matched betting. But, if you have more time, many people signed up to Profit Accumulator make close to £1,000 per month regularly.


  • Profit Accumulator offer a free trial to see if matched betting is for you. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. This will give you access to the training materials for two introductory offers. Completion of these offers will allow you to make £35 to £40. If you like what you see, you can choose to sign up to the subscription service or simply walk away with a little bit of extra cash.


  • If you’re still a little unsure after completing the free trial you can also sign up to Profit Accumulator for £1 for three days’ membership.
  • This will give you full access to all of the training modules, tools and the forum.
  • This offer is also open to former members who want to see what improvements Profit Accumulator has made since they left.


  • After the free trial you can pay Profit Accumulator either monthly or annually.
  • The monthly subscription costs £17.99. This rate has recently been reduced and ensures Profit Accumulator offers excellent value against its competitors.
  • Monthly membership would suit someone who doesn’t want to make money long-term but would like to take advantage of the sign up offers to make some money quickly. If you’re saving for something special or could just do with some extra cash, you can easily make £1600 from the sign up offers currently listed on the Profit Accumulator site. If you can spare 1-2 hours a few days a week then you could easily complete these offers in a 3-month period.
  • The annual package costs £150. It was a no brainer for me to sign up to this package. I want to make money matched betting as long as possible. So the opportunity to save money by signing up to the annual package appealed.
  • If you sign up and then decide it’s really not for you after all, Profit Accumulator offers a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

Loyalty Scheme Is Excellent Value

  • Profit Accumulator also reward their customers with reduced fees through a loyalty scheme. After twelve months’ continuous membership, the monthly membership fee reduces to £14.99 after 12 months.
  • Those who renew their annual membership have their fee reduced to £125 after 1 year. This is excellent value and I had no hesitation renewing my annual membership at this reduced rate recently.


  • Profit Accumulator has recently introduced a refer a friend scheme. This is because many people who start matched betting tell their friends and family about it, but don’t get any rewards when they subsequently sign up.
  • All members are allocated a code when they join Profit Accumulator. If you pass this on to anyone you know, you will receive £10 when that person then signs up. When five people sign up with your code, you’ll get an extra £25 bonus. You carry on getting this bonus for every five people you refer.


Anybody aged over 18 and living in the UK or the Republic of Ireland can sign up to Profit Accumulator and start matched betting today. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to make some extra money easily from home.

I’m a mum to a 1 and a 5-year-old and really don’t have too much time to spare to fit this in (the school run, swimming lessons, day trips out, toddler groups, dinner and bath times have to take priority!). Yet I’ve made more than £7500 in my first year in the odd hour I can spare here and there. My monthly matched betting diaries give an insight into how I’ve made this money. If I can do it, anyone can!

Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home mum or dad, retiree, work full or part-time, do shift work or normal 9-5 hours, Profit Accumulator will help you make extra money.


Absolutely not. Matched betting has been a recognised way of making extra money for many years. However, before the appearance of services like Profit Accumulator, many people had to navigate the whole process themselves. Unsurprisingly, the people who did matched betting therefore tended to have knowledge of the gambling industry already.

Founded in 2014, Profit Accumulator had a very simple aim. It wants to help people decipher the technical world of the betting industry and help ordinary people make money through matched betting. They simply explain how to do matched betting and tell you which offers are most likely to be profitable. By doing this, they have opened matched betting up to people who ordinarily wouldn’t go near a betting shop.

My career background is as a former career civil servant. I never thought I’d end up doing matched betting. Yet it’s been the perfect way for me to make some extra money whilst looking after my two young children.

Matched betting isn’t for everyone. My assessment of the pros and cons of matched betting will help you decide if it’s for you. If you’re still a little unsure then you can try out Profit Accumulator’s free trial. You can make at least £35 from the offers listed whilst seeing if matched betting is something that might work for you. Further, if you then sign up but change your mind, Profit Accumulator also offer a 30-day no quibble money back guarantee.


Yes. Matched betting is simply a mathematical method to make money from the free bets bookmakers offer. Further, as the money you make is classed as gambling winnings, it is also a tax-free way of topping up your income.

News outlets like The Guardian, the Telegraph and Huffington Post have all run features on how to do matched betting. Profit Accumulator simply helps you do it.


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