Hi, I’m Jodie. I’m probably the most unlikely candidate for taking to matched betting you could find! If it works for me, then I know it can work for many more people too.

A former career civil servant, I took a break from Whitehall when my eldest child was born. Since then, I’ve had another baby. As a stay at home mum, my day to day life is very much dictated by the school run, toddler groups, clubs, feeding and the bed and bath routine. I love that I’m able to be there for my children but I miss the freedom of earning my own money. Not to mention things are inevitably tighter when there’s only one household income.

I set up a small business selling second hand furniture but it took a tremendous amount of time and effort for relatively small rewards. And it was tricky fitting it in when the second child arrived.

Browsing the internet about a year ago I saw matched betting mentioned on a forum. This led me to a discussion group on Martin Lewis’ website so I took a look. Upon seeing the warnings at the top of the page that it needed to be treated with caution I didn’t bother reading any further. I assumed that it was some form of trading and probably too complicated and risky.


I didn’t think about it again until I was again browsing the internet a few months ago. Someone mentioned that it was easy to get an extra £500 per month through Profit Accumulator. I wondered what it was and a quick bit of searching brought me back to matched betting. At that point I actually took the time to find out what it was. It didn’t take me long to sign up. Five months on, I’m nearly £4000 up!

This website aims to help ordinary people like me get started with matched betting. What surprised me when I started out was the lack of information explaining what matched betting was in simple terms. I didn’t understand why, if you were betting against the same outcomes, you’d still end up in profit if you weren’t allowed to keep the free bet money. Now I understand the maths involved. By placing a slightly lower bet at the exchange, you can always ensure you end up in profit. It’s actually a very simple process but just takes a little time to get your head around it.

Matched betting is a great opportunity for anyone to earn a little extra cash in their spare time. Whether you’re a student, retired, unemployed, work part or full-time, or simply saving up for a special occasion, Profit Accumulator can help. But I’m sure many people are put off because they are overwhelmed by the betting world.

The aim of matched betting mum

By sharing information about how I got started and manage to fit it in around my children my mission is to help others who might be worried or nervous in taking that first step. I want to explain how it works as simply as possible to give people the confidence to try it out. For anyone who’s curious to give matched betting a go, read my frequently asked questions and top tips for getting started as a first step.

Along the way, my blog also offers wider money saving tips and random musings about life with my two kiddies.