An Introduction to Casino Offers

A bonus feature of Profit Accumulator membership is a whole section full of casino offers to work your way through. These are in addition to all the matched betting offers which are the bread and butter of the money I make every month.

Profit Accumulator recommends you start these offers as soon as you have finished all the offers in the beginners section. But it took me a while to pluck up the courage to start these offers. Whilst I’d become familiar with matched betting, this was another thing I needed to understand and learn about. In themselves, the offers are quite straightforward and simple to do. But for a girl who’s only real experience of slot machines is through the penny slots at the seaside, I did feel a little out of my depth!

I didn’t understand the terminology and abbreviations being used. While there are guides on how to approach the different offers, there was no comprehensive training like there had been for matched betting. And there is an element of choice in how you approach some of the offers. Factor in the fact that you can lose your own money on some of them, then I was definitely put off.

However, I knew that this was something that I wanted to add to my armoury; any extra money I could make wouldn’t go amiss after all! And there’s the off chance you could hit a big win; I’ve seen tales of people winning a few thousand pounds just by completing these offers. So I’ve completed about half of the offers now and made about £200 in total. I’m very happy with that. Here’s what I’ve learnt if you find yourself in the same situation as me.


You’ll see these terms mentioned time and time again.

  • EV / ESTIMATED VALUE: Based on the terms and conditions for each offer, Profit Accumulator work out whether, on average, people are likely to make money. If there is a negative EV, then these offers won’t be recommended.
  • HIGH LINES & LOW STAKES: On most games you can alter the amount you bet by changing the value of the coins you can win and changing the numbers of lines on which money is paid out. By selecting a high number of lines at low stakes this approach is often recommended if you have a large amount of money to play through.
  • RTP / RETURN TO PLAYER: This is the percentage that customers will win from the game in its lifetime. This does not mean you will always win this amount as it will even itself out across different customers.
  • WAGERING: The number of times you need to play through any winnings, deposits or bonus amounts to be able to withdraw money. The riskier offers often tend to have very high wagering requirements, meaning it’s more likely you will lose your money.
how to approach the casino offers
  • Have a browse through all of the casino offers that are available to familiarise yourself with the way they work.
  • Get started by completing the risk free offers. You should be aware that it’s highly unlikely you’ll make any money from these but they do provide a safe environment for you to get familiar with different games, alter the stake and line amounts, and experience the time it takes to wager through high amounts at low stakes.
  • For the offers where your own money is at risk, follow the advice on Profit Accumulator. If you need further guidance then each offer is discussed individually on the forum.
  • In general, it is better to select games to play that have a high value return to player/RTP especially where your own money is at risk.
  • For the riskier offers, only play with an amount of money you’d be prepared to lose. Personally I’ve only ever risked a maximum of £10 on these games. However, if I’m having a particularly good month matched betting then I would be prepared to risk more. Although the good people at Profit Accumulator crunch the numbers to help calculate whether these offers are worth taking a risk on, by participating you are essentially gambling and you might lose money. I’ve lost money on the last couple of offers I’ve completed and it is a bitter pill to swallow. Be prepared for this. And when you do lose, don’t mull it over too much; just move on to the next offer.
  • Be prepared for the wagering to take a very long time. Sometimes you will need to wager through hundreds of pounds. It’s not unusual for this to take a few hours. When I have large amounts to wager through, I always set up autospins. I like to have it working away in the background while I get on with the ironing. I hate ironing, but having this on in the background does really help to while away the time.
  • Be careful not to start gambling with your own money. The games are set up to entice you to play and win the elusive jackpots on offer. It can be tempting to do just one more spin, especially when you have a large jackpot amount flashing at you with a sign saying it must be won soon.
  • Don’t get hung up on how much you see other people making from these offers. The amount of money you can make is purely down to chance. You will get lucky on some offers, not on others. Most people don’t walk away with thousands, so don’t expect to win the same amount. It’s better to have the attitude that any money you make – no matter how small – is a bonus.
  • You will get lots of casino offers sent to you via email. In general, these offers will reward you with a casino bonus if you deposit a certain amount. The wagering requirements on these offers are often quite high and are generally too risky. I tend to simply delete these emails. However, if I’m ever in any doubt I will consult the ‘Is this offer worth doing?‘ thread on the Profit Accumulator forum.

If you’re tempted to get started with the casino offers, then make sure you sign up to Profit Accumulator’s monthly or annual package; the offers will then be sitting there waiting for you to get started!


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