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Monthly Matched Betting Diaries…9 Months On

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I regularly update my matched betting diaries to show how much money I’m making from matched betting. This is the latest instalment covering my matched betting earnings in February 2017.

The purpose of these updates is to show just how much it’s possible to earn from matched betting in your spare time. I’m a full time mum of two. It goes without saying that life is pretty hectic. On a good week I can normally spare about 6 hours for matched betting. But this isn’t always the case, sometimes it’s a lot less! Yet I make about £500 per month matched betting. By sharing how I can do it, I hope to convince people that anyone can do matched betting. With the support of Profit Accumulator, it’s possible to make money long-term from matched betting.

I make about £500 per month matched betting. By sharing how I can do it, I hope to convince people that anyone can do matched betting.

Busy Busy Busy

The trail end of Winter has brought lots of bugs into the household and we’ve all been suffering with various ailments. My youngest, 18-month-old Oliver, really has taken the full brunt of it all, meaning he was a very clingy and demanding little baby for most of the month. It was also half-term and I had a weekend away planned. Thrown into the mix was also the small matter of planning Lily’s 5th birthday party – with 25 excited 4 & 5-year-olds! So it goes without saying it’s been a busy month!

Matched betting necessarily had a to take a bit of a backseat this month. That’s why I’m amazed to have made the most money I have since last October. Admittedly, this was helped by me getting lucky on a few different casino offers this month. I also had one final sign up offer to complete. I’d been putting it off for a few months because it had a large rollover attached to it, meaning my money would be tied up for a while. So it was time to bite the bullet and tackle it this month!


FEBRUARY 2017 – £614.68

  • The total amount I made matched betting in February 2017 was £614.68.

When I started matched betting my aim was to make roughly £500 per month. While I’ve beaten that target this month this isn’t always possible. Yet I’m still on track to make this much over the course of my first year matched betting.

Given I was so busy and it was also a short month, it was difficult to find time for matched betting. So, again, I probably spent about 4 hours per week matched betting on average. It’s amazing to have earned more than £600 for 16 hours’ work. That works out to almost £40 per hour this month! It’s great that I can make this money at home, at times that suit me and my children.

It’s great that I can make this money at home, at times that suit me and my children


So, in the eight months I’ve now been doing matched betting I have made an impressive £5279.29. If you want to learn more about how and when I made this money take a look at my previous earnings reports:


So how did I make that money? Here’s a breakdown of the different types of offers I got involved in through February 2017:


  • These are the bread and butter matched betting offers where you bet a certain amount and get a free bet.
  • Profit Accumulator list all of the reload offers you can continue to get involved in long after completing the bookmaker sign up offers. Most of my earnings come from checking this list most days.
  • It’s also worth checking back to the sign up offers listed on Profit Accumulator every month or so. As I mentioned above, I had one final signup offer to complete which I’d been putting off because there was a large rollover attached should the qualifying and/or free bet win into the bookmaker account. But I bit the bullet this month and was still able to make a large chunk of money.
  • Some bookmakers change their introductory offers quite often. So I also found a new bookmaker listed this month. I was lucky that this bookie offered some free spins when you signed up to them. I’ve never had any luck with free spins previously but ended up in profit from these, which was very helpful!


  • If you’ve not yet completed any casino offers, my introductory guide is worth a read.
  • Not all casino offers are risk-free. Regular readers will know that I’ve avoided casino offers since losing a little bit of money a while ago.
  • However, Profit Accumulator crunch the numbers and offer advice about the amount of money you are likely to make and how to approach the offers. There seemed to be a lot of casino offers available this month. So I decided it was time to attempt some of these once again.
  • I never put more than £25 of my own money at risk. And, to be honest, I’ll normally only risk this much if I’m having a good month matched betting. My luck was in this month. While I’ve never had an elusive ‘big win’, I did manage to bank some good chunks of money in each of the offers I attempted. I wasn’t always lucky but, still, I’m very happy to have made more than £200 from these in one month alone.
  • My advice is to think carefully about the amount of money you are prepared to risk and have a go. But always follow Profit Accumulator’s advice and never ever be tempted to try and win back any money you lose by having another go!


  • These are offers where you get a free bet if one leg of an accumulator – where you bet on a few different results as part of the same bet – loses.
  • I started off the month with good intentions to get more accumulator bets under my belt. However, during my first weekend, most of the supposed favourites suffered surprising defeats. This meant all of my accumulators had more than one losing team. This meant there was no possibility of a refund and I lost all of my qualifying losses, amounting to £30.
  • After this, I was weary of completing accumulators. Furthermore my weekends were also very busy this month – and you normally need to be free at various points of the weekend to place your lay bets. So I didn’t get much of a chance to recoup my costs.
  • I aim to get more involved this month and will be publishing my introductory guide to these types of bets too.


  • I like completing price boosts because they are a quick way to make money instantly. The amount of money you can make from enhanced prices can seem very small (only a few pounds at a time, if you are lucky). But as it’s so quick to place the bets this is a very efficient way of making money. And the amount of money you can make adds up very quickly.

MUG BETS: -£9.13

  • I should perhaps have placed more mug bets this month. When you rely on reload offers for your matched betting income it’s important to look after your accounts to still be able to take advantage of offers. This is something I need to improve on to look like more of a normal betting customer.


  • There are lots of different offers attached to football games where you can get free bets in a variety of circumstances. This includes: when the team you back scores a goal; hitting the crossbar; losing your bet in the last few minutes of a game.


  • These are offers where you can get a free bet depending on the outcome of the race and the place where your horse finishes.
  • These are riskier offers in that there is no guarantee of a free bet, so you will suffer some qualifying losses. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit any free bets so suffered a small loss this month.


If reading my diaries has inspired you to start matched betting, read my guide explaining what matched betting is.

Then I’d recommend signing up for a free trial at Profit Accumulator. They walk you through the matched betting process step by step. With only a few hours spare each week to do matched betting, I find the service Profit Accumulator offers invaluable. They tell me which offers to complete and help me find the bets. They save me hours of work which means my time is instead focused on making money! You can read more about the service Profit Accumulator offers in my full review, which includes information about their new loyalty scheme

Profit Accumulator’s free trial allows you to make £35-£40 simply by trying a couple of the different introductory offers available. It’s the perfect way to see if matched betting is for you.

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