Matched Betting: Getting Established

When you start matched betting the most important thing is to really get to grips with how the process works. Working through the beginner offers that Profit Accumulator guide you through, you’ll soon get used to using the oddsmatching software to find your bets, setting up your bookmaker accounts , checking the back and lay bets and subsequently placing those bets.

However, you will soon need to ask yourself whether you simply want to make as much money as possible from the sign up offers or if you’re keen to carry on matched betting for as long as possible. This will depend on your circumstances. Understandably, many people will want to carry on matched betting, especially when it’s so easy to make upwards of £500 every month. If that’s you, then there are some important steps you need to take to sustain your matched betting career.

IE Snare

The gambling game is a pretty shady business. Lots of naughty people can use it to launder money and it’s also highly addictive. As a result, some very strict requirements are placed on bookmakers to ensure they check people’s identity and take steps to avoid fraudulent activity. This justifies their use of spyware on your computer called iesnare. When installed on your computer, iesnare monitors your behaviour including:

  • the web pages you visit;
  • your computer’s data; and
  • your browsing data.

Iesnare can be installed on your computer simply by clicking on a bookmaker site. You don’t even have to be logged in. And once it’s there it will monitor your behaviour and feed this information back to the bookies. If the software is on your machine, you can expect to get gubbed from your bookmaker accounts very quickly. This means you won’t be able to take advantage of any future offers.

It’s easy to find out if iesnare is installed on your computer by doing a search. But you’ll then need to take steps to get rid – and stay rid – of it. Simply deleting it isn’t enough as it will no doubt be reinstalled click on a bookmaker site in the future. The geegeez blog has a brilliant post which tells you everything you need to know about iesnare and how to remove it from your computer permanently. I’d urge everyone who wants to do matched betting for as long as possible to remove iesnare from your computer as soon as possible.


Not the tasty treat type rather the boring small computer files that get stored on your computer when you access different websites. In very simple terms, they store data about you which makes it easier for you to use those websites in the future. Most companies also use advertising cookies which are quite powerful and are able to track the pages you have visited and products you have looked at.

It is advisable to clear the cookies on the computer and/or mobile devices you use to do matched betting regularly. The worry is that your behaviour can be tracked and the bookmakers can work out you’re simply using them for the value of free bets.

Mix the odds

When you first start matched betting, you are advised to ensure your qualifying bets are placed at low odds, as close to the minimum odds required. You’ll then bet at high odds when you get the free bet. This is necessary when you start as you don’t want to tie up too much of your own money covering liability in the bookmakers. But if you do this regularly you will start to stand out to the bookmakers. I therefore now use a variety of odds when placing qualifying and other bets.

Don’t be greedy

To get the most money possible from a free bet you will need to use high odds. However, try not to bet at odds higher than 10. I tend to use odds ranging between 5 and 8 for my free bets. As you get more experienced, also use some of your free bets on accumulators. This will maximise your profit and the bookmakers like you placing these types of bets.

avoid arbs

When you search for matches on Profit Accumulator’s oddsmatching software a number of matches will often be listed in red at the top. These mean that the bookmaker odds are higher than the exchanges and you can make money simply by placing a bet. This is known in the industry as an arb. It can be tempting to use arbs to place your bets so you make as much money as possible.

Arbs occur because traders can sometimes be slow to alter the odds if the market changes. However, you need to be very wary of placing arbs. The bookmakers will track and monitor your betting behaviour. They will analyse the odds at the time you place bets and will compare these to the lay odds available at the same time. If they see you always taking arbs, they will very quickly limit your accounts to prevent you placing further bets.

don’t always select bets that are the best matches

Don’t always choose bets where the odds are very close. As I mentioned above, your behaviour will be tracked and analysed by the bookmakers. They don’t make any money from you if you always make closely matched bets. If you aren’t therefore seen as a valuable customer this is another excuse for a bookmaker to let you go. So while I do place bets that have a high ranking on Profit Accumulator’s oddsmatching software (above 95) I also place bets listed lower than this quite regularly.

Build up a betting profile

As you start to work your way through the reload offers listed by Profit Accumulator you will see many different types of bets linked to many different types of sport. Before you start completing these offers regularly you need to build up a profile so that your behaviour doesn’t look strange when you start making these types of bets.

So, if you want to start taking advantage of horse racing refunds, bet on a few horse races. Similarly, place a few accumulators for differing amounts and for differing numbers of legs before you try to take advantage of the accumulator offers many bookmakers offer. It goes without saying that you should always lay these bets off at a betting exchange.

Offers will also be available for some different types of sport that you might not bet on regularly, like golf, tennis, baseball, the NFL, greyhound racing and boxing. If you’ve never placed bets on these sports before, maybe make a couple of different bets at the same time. If there are a few offers linked to the sport available at the same time, don’t take advantage of them all. And make sure you bet on these sports again in the future.

And finally

If this all sounds like gobbledygook to you, don’t worry! Bookmark this page and come back to it when you have a few more of the introductory offers under your belt and you’re ready to move on in your matched betting career.


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