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Matched Betting Reload Offers


If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have seen me mention reload offers before. My introduction to matched betting shows there are more than £2000 worth of sign up offers to work through when you first sign up to Profit Accumulator. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to sustain an extra income from matched betting for as long as possible. Reload offers make that possible.

These are the main types of reload offers you will come across. Some offers will be available most weeks. Lots of offers are seasonal, linked to major sporting events through the year. At the moment, for example, there’s a lot of excitement about the Cheltenham Festival in March, which is notorious as an opportunity to make extra money! And other offers will depend on just how keen a bookie is to attract – or keep – your business.

Some offers can be cumbersome and time consuming. Others might require you to build up a betting profile before you start tackling them. For example, you might want to use an offer attached to a greyhound race. If so, it would be wise to place a few extra mug bets on greyhound races if you have never bet on this type of sport before.


But don’t let this put you off. Once you’re used to doing reload offers it’s possible to earn £1000 per month simply from the risk free reload offers. The Profit Accumulator forum even tells you which offers to do to make this money. The only thing that holds me back from making this much is the fact I can only spare 6 hours a week. I’m not always around when the offers are available.

I recommend you try as many offers as you can. Don’t let the seemingly low value of the offers hold you back. Most offers take 5 minutes to complete and those £5 free bets really do add up very quickly. And if you are ever confused or unsure about what to do then you should consult the forum if you’re a member of Profit Accumulator. Alternatively, ask me any questions you have by leaving me a comment or contacting me via Facebook or Twitter.



By these, I mean the bread and butter type of offer where you place a qualifying bet and receive a free bet in return. These types of offers are available periodically from all of the major bookmakers, often linked to a big match or sporting event.


Bookmakers often offer enhanced odds on certain sporting events. When these odds are higher than the lay odds at a betting exchange, you can make an instant profit simply by placing both the back and lay bets. I should stress these are special offers which are different to arbs. Arbs are where the bookmakers inadvertently have their odds higher than the lay odds. If you place a bet on an arb you can expect your account to be closed down or limited very quickly. Instead, most bookmakers have special sections of their websites dedicated to offering enhanced odds on different events.

I make roughly £1-£3 from each price boost I do. On the face of it, this doesn’t seem like a lot of money. But, my matched betting diaries show that I make an average of £100 per month via these offers. This is a great return considering how quick and easy these offers are to complete.


Many of the reload offers are linked to placing bets whilst a match is underway. For example, bet £10 on one football match in-play and receive a free bet for another match in-play. It can be harder to find matches between the back and lay odds and the odds can also fluctuate quickly when placing in-play bets. But if you stick to placing the bets during a break in the match or game, for example at half time, you can still make some fairly decent money from these offers.


These are bets associated with backing a certain team or player to win a competition, for example the top Premier League Goalscorer or winning team in a football competition. This will tie your money up for the duration of that competition. But these offers can be quite profitable because you will get free bets every time the team or player scores a goal. So if you can set aside the money needed to cover both the qualifying bet and the liability of the lay bet, then these offers are definitely worth taking up.


A number of bookmakers will, from time to time, offer you free bets for each goal the team you back scores in a match. These offers aren’t risk free – if the team doesn’t score then you don’t get a free bet. However, for a small qualifying loss, these offers are definitely worth a punt. And so far, I’ve got free bets from every offer I’ve taken part in.


An accumulator is when you choose multiple selections and place a bet on them all winning. These are a bit more time consuming. Firstly, you need to find a number of bets taking place at different times where the back and lay odds are closely matched. You then need to place lay bets as each game in the accumulator takes place. Profit Accumulator has various calculators and spreadsheets available to help you with these types of bets. It also recently introduced Acca Catcher to help find suitable bets and make it easier to work out the calculations involved.

You can make money from these offers in different ways. Many bookmakers offer free bets in return for placing an accumulator with them. Others will offer a free bet if one of the legs in the accumulator loses.


Refund offfers are attached to most football matches. These will give you a refund as a free bet or extra winnings if certain eventualities occur. The most common types of offer include:

  • extra winnings if the crossbar gets hit during the game;
  • a refund on certain types of bets if the game result is 0-0;
  • a refund if you lose your bet in the closing few minutes of a game; and
  • double winnings if the team you back wins both halves;

Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of these eventualities will occur. But I often take part in these offers if there is only a small qualifying loss.


These offers can be very profitable. But there are no guarantees you will make money from them. Most bookies offer refunds on certain horse races if you finish second to the favourite or back a winner at high odds.


Many bookmakers will offer you a free bet every week if you place bets regularly with them.


A lock-in is where you can guarantee to make money regardless of the match result. So, if you are reliant on a team winning to give you a free bet, you can sometimes use advanced calculators to ensure you make money even if the team loses. There are various different combinations of offers which will allow you to make money. I don’t always do these offers. Nevertheless, I rely on the Profit Accumulator forum to let me know when a lock-in is available.


Many bookmakers combine offers from their sportsbook and casino pages. So you might get free spins in return for placing a bet or for each goal scored. Similarly, you might receive a free bet if you wager a certain amount of money in the casino. There are no guarantees with these types of offers. If I’m having a good month then I will often try them out. I’m yet to hit a big win though!


Invite only offers, usually sent to you via text message or email, can be very lucrative. In the last month, I received £150 worth of free bets.

It’s important to make sure you tick the box allowing the bookmaker to send you details of their special offers. The numbers of texts and emails you’ll receive is annoying. But it doesn’t take long to take a quick look at each offer to see if it’s worthwhile and delete the messages that aren’t relevant. Keep checking your emails. If you receive a free bet, you’ll soon forget the irritation.


There are two main ways to bet on horse racing – the win market and the place market. These offers are related to the place market and when you place an each way bet. This market pays out if the horse you back finishes in any set number of positions, for example the top 3 or top 4 places.


Occasionally bookmakers will offer to pay out on extra places, paying out for example on the top 5 places instead of the top 4. In these cases, the exchange lay market will normally cover a fewer number of places, in this case the top 4.

You can make money if a horse you back finishes in that extra pace because both your back bet and lay bet will win.


I hope you find this guide to the different types of reload offers helpful. It can take some time to get your head around the different types of offers available and how to complete them. I don’t have time to do this all myself, which is why I pay a matched betting service to do this for me. Regular readers will know I use Profit Accumulator. Ultimately, this gives me more time to spend with my children and less time matched betting. They do all the hard work analysing the terms and conditions, searching for offers and telling you how to do all of the different offers step by step.

I’ve done a full review of their service and highly recommend them. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge with matched betting, remember they offer a free trial where you can easily make £35-£40 simply giving matched betting a try.

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10 thoughts on “Matched Betting Reload Offers

    • admin says:

      Thanks Amie. Take it slow and don’t worry about the reload offers until you have most of the sign up offers completed. Useful to know there’s lots of ways to carry on making money though isn’t it? Good luck! Jodie, Matched Betting Mum

  1. Nick says:

    I just cleared £1000 profit from matched betting. I do think it gets harder once you have done all the sign-up offers, but as you say there is no shortage of reloads. You have to accept that in certain cases (e.g. horse racing refunds) you will make a small loss, but that will be outweighed by the larger wins when they come off.
    Nick recently posted…How I Won £614.53 on the Free Postcode Lottery!My Profile

  2. Martinos says:

    Reload offers are the real deal when it comes to matched betting. Whilst you can earn a few bob from the sign up offers, the best thing to do is to keep your main accounts nice and healthy and steadily earn each month from the reload offers.

    The main thing to remember is not to be too greedy and get your accounts closed down.

    No-lay Accas are my personal fav at the moment!

    Martinos recently posted…12 Killer Tips from 9 Months of eBay DropshippingMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Absolutely! With a few key accounts, it’s possible to keep earning a healthy profit from matched betting month after month.

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