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I publish monthly matched betting diaries showing how much money I’ve made matched betting in the previous month. My aim is to show how easy it is to make a little extra cash matched betting in your spare time.

I try to make about £500 per month matched betting. However, it’s been a quiet summer of sport and I was expecting my earnings to go down this month. I hoped to make £100 but wasn’t sure how realistic this was.


Last month was momentous, with me celebrating my first year matched betting.  To mark the occasion, I teamed up with Profit Accumulator to launch a great competition. You can win a year’s platinum membership to Profit Accumulator. It’s worth £150.

My Profit Accumulator review provides lots of information about what’s included in their membership package. So why not check it out and enter the competition today? The closing date is 31st August. Good luck!

I now rely on matched betting reload offers. These are the ongoing offers which allow you to carry on making money matched betting long after you’ve completed all of the bookmaker sign up offers. Most of the profitable matched betting offers tend to be connected to football. However, with no football tournaments this year, there hasn’t been too much to bet on.


JULY 2017 – £164.50

  • The total amount I made matched betting in June 2017 was £164.50

There weren’t many reload offers available this month so I didn’t expect to make much money. Added to this, the summer holidays are now upon us. I don’t like to do matched betting when the children are around. Splitting my attention between the children and a computer screen isn’t good for any of us. And it’s far more likely I’ll make some matched betting mistakes.

We’ve also been away a couple of times. I lost a few days at a fabulous wedding and its resultant 2-day hangover! And we also went with both sets of in laws to stay in a caravan in Norfolk another weekend.  Not for the faint hearted!

So it’s fair to say I haven’t had much time for matched betting. Maybe a few hours at most. I’m therefore pleasantly surprised to have made more than £150 this month.

With the return of the football season in August there will be lots more offers available. However, I’m away in Cyprus for almost three weeks. So I’ll be missing out on these. I hope to make about £100 again since I won’t be around once the football starts. But I can’t wait to have a holiday. And as we only paid £200 to fly all four of us to Cyprus and back business class, I’m not too bothered about missing out on offers for a little while.


Matched betting mum earnings diary profit accumulator

Matched Betting Mum made more than £7500 since starting matched betting with Profit Accumulator in July 2016

So I’ve made a total of £7721.43 since starting matched betting in July 2016. I know there are lots of people out there who make an awful lot more than this. However, I do matched betting in my spare time around the children. At best, I can normally spare about six hours per week for matched betting. And as this month’s report shows, this isn’t always possible.

All of my previous income reports are listed here in case you find them helpful:


Most of the money I make comes from checking the list of offers on Profit Accumulator most days. I also follow the ‘How to Make £1000 a Month’ thread on Profit Accumulator’s forum so I am notified of new offers when they become available.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of offers I got involved in this month:


  • These are the standard matched betting offers where you bet a certain amount and get a free bet.
  • There weren’t too many offers available this month and I also rarely logged in to check. I have been taking part in an offer that will give me a £50 free bet next month, so this will be boosted next month.


  • If you’ve not yet completed any casino offers, I’d recommend you take a look at my introductory guide to casino offers.
  • Not all casino offers are risk-free. Profit Accumulator always analyse each offer and provide guidance about the amount of money you are likely to make and how to approach the offers.I tend to tackle the riskier offers when I’m confident of making my £500 monthly matched betting target. And I’ll only ever tend to risk a maximum of £25 at any time.
  • This month I was reluctant to tackle the risky offers since I knew my matched betting income was likely to be low. So I only took part in the risk free offers. I was lucky to hit a big win which boosted my income dramatically this month.
  • It’s important not to rely on casino offers for making money. However, I use them to top up my earnings and am prepared to get involved in the riskier offers if I’m having a good month. As my previous diary entries will show, I have on occasions ended up down as a result of participating in these offers.
  • I would advise you to think carefully about the amount of money you want to risk. Then have a go. But always follow Profit Accumulator’s advice and never ever be tempted to try and win back any money you lose by having another go!


  • I like completing price boosts because they are a quick way to make money instantly. The amount of money you can make from enhanced prices can seem very small (only a few pounds at a time, if you are lucky). But as it’s so quick to place the bets this is a very efficient way of making money.
  • Clearly, I didn’t participate in many price boosts this month. However, I made this money simply from placing two different bets.


  • These are offers where you receive a free bet depending on the outcome of match or competition. There were a few offers connected to Wimbledon this month. I participated in one where I would receive a free bet if the person I backed to win the championship lost in five sets.
  • As there is no guarantee of a free bet, these are riskier offers. You will suffer some qualifying losses if the refund trigger doesn’t happen. I managed to find a close match for Nadal with only minimal qualifying losses. I reasoned that one of the favourites was more likely to lose in five sets, so took the chance. And it paid off when Nadal exited the tournament early.


  • Accumulators can be a very lucrative form of additional income if you have enough time to place and track the bets. This guide to accumulator bets tells you how you can make money from these offers.
  • Finding and placing these bets is very easy, thanks to the brilliant Acca Catcher tool Profit Accumulator have developed.
  • However, with no football to bet on, I wasn’t expecting to make any money from accas this month.
  • But the qualifying stages for the Europa league started this month, with some low priced favourites playing. This meant there was an opportunity to make money locking in profit by laying off all the legs at the same time. As all the teams I backed won, I made a fair amount of profit from only one accumulator.


If reading my diaries has inspired you to start matched betting, read my guide explaining what matched betting is.

Then I’d recommend signing up for a free trial with Profit Accumulator. They walk you through the matched betting process step by step. With only a few hours spare each week to do matched betting, I find the service Profit Accumulator offers invaluable. They tell me which offers to complete and help me find the bets. This saves me hours searching for offers alone. Instead, I focus on making money! My Profit Accumulator review has lots more information about the service  they provide.

Profit Accumulator’s free trial allows you to make £35-£40 simply by trying a couple of the different introductory offers available. It’s the perfect way to see if matched betting is for you.

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