Diary showing matched betting mum's earnings of £3107 since starting matched betting 4 months ago with Profit Accumulator

Monthly Matched Betting Diaries

I’ve toyed with the idea of setting out just exactly how much I’m making matched betting with Profit Accumulator since I started this blog. I’m not one for shouting about how much money I do or don’t have and don’t like it when others do the same.

But I want to show people just what is possible when you do matched betting, and how much you can continue to make every month! This monthly diary series therefore sets out exactly what I’ve made over the previous months. It will also give you a rough idea of how much of my time was involved and how I fitted it in around my two young children. That way, you can see whether it’s something that might work for you too. Given this is the first in the series, it covers my first four months matched betting. I hope to be more specific about how I’ve used my time in future updates.

I’m not making mega bucks and it’s not a life changing amount of money. But considering I’d otherwise have no income these are significant sums of money to me and my family. It will go a long way towards clearing our debts in the next few months.

June 2016
  • £591.13

You may be thinking that this is quite a small amount of money for my first month given the number of sign up offers available. However, I made this in less than 2 weeks because I was out of the country the rest of the time! This money was made solely from the sign up offers listed in the beginner section of Profit Accumulator’s website. I did these offers only in the evenings after the kids were in bed.

july 2016
  • £735.07

By July I was starting to move on to some of the advanced offers. I remember getting a little bit frustrated with matched betting at this point because the requirement to place more qualifying bets or to meet rollover requirements meant it was taking longer to make money. Having spoken to some of the people who’ve followed my lead after reading my introduction to matched betting on the website, I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this.

My advice to them and you is to persevere. You will make money from these offers. It’s also worthwhile doing them all because they will help build your matched betting experience. And this is essential if you want to carry on making money from matched betting.

Again, I did a lot of these offers in the evening. But I also used the time my son was sleeping during the day to place lots of bets too. This solid hour in the middle of the day was – and still is – really useful to be able to place bets on horse races.

august 2016
  • £959.62

This was my best month so far. Considering my daughter also finished nursery this month – so I had the two children to entertain – and we also went away for a week to see the in-laws, this makes the monthly total even more impressive! I benefitted from being able to complete some of the higher value advanced offers as my bank had grown in value. I also moved on to starting the reload and some of the casino offers this month as well.

Looking back, I was matched betting for a maximum of 2-3 hours about 4 days per week. I made the bets when I had a chance to log on and look for bets rather than sitting down for long periods of time (which would have been impossible!). So I placed the bets in the evenings or in the odd 20 minutes or so I occasionally had during the day. Like when the youngest was sleeping or they were both happily playing with toys or watching TV. We were also very busy during the summer so I wasn’t able to take advantage of any higher value Saturday offers either. Otherwise I’d have been able to take part in lots of offers marking the start of the new football season.

september 2016
  • £821.57

My daughter started school this month which did free up my time considerably. However, starting this blog has been a significant distraction for me and I probably did no matched betting at all in a 10-day period towards the end of the month.

This was a time for me to start trying some of the advanced techniques, such as horse racing and accumulator refunds. I’ve been really impressed with how profitable these can be. And there is extra software – acca catcher and match catcher – which you can purchase to help manage them.

total earnings

I’m really pleased that my current earnings to date total £3107.39. Since I’ve started I’ve wanted to build up my bank to around £3000 to ensure I can place bets of any size whenever I want, so this is a major milestone for me.

how to continue making money matched betting

If you’ve signed up to Profit Accumulator then I’d highly recommend you following the following threads in order to maximise your income:

  • How to make £1000 a month; and
  • How to make £300 a month PART TIME

It’s actually quite frustrating that I can see just how easy it is to make at least £1000 every single month if only I had a little more flexibility. However, the children and family are my utmost priority so I’ll often miss out on bets because they need my attention or we’re out and about. Still, given that I never spend more than 2 hours a day matched betting, I’m impressed with what I’ve achieved so far.

Matched betting is perfect for anyone who can spare a little time. Why don’t you try out Profit Accumulator’s FREE TRIAL where you will be walked through how to do matched betting step by step and can make £35-£40 simply by trying it out?

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Matched Betting Diaries

  1. gtavmobile.net says:

    I do make the majority of my money from sports betting offers but also do the casino and bingo offers where time allows.

  2. Abbie says:


    I’m interested in starting match betting to help with rent and have some extra savings! I’m been reading loads of blogs and love yours!

    Just wanted to ask, how much money did you start with if your first month? I saw that you made over £500 in your first 2 weeks! Some blogs say £50 some say as much as £200.

    I know I have to put some money behind before I start, I would just like your opinion as you’ve been so successful with it!

    Thanks x

    • admin says:

      PS remember to check out my competition running at the moment to win an annual Profit Accumulator membership. Closing date is 31st August 2017.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Abbie

    Thanks for getting in touch. If you have a larger pot to start with it means you can progress through the offers quicker. Otherwise you need to wait for your money to be processed through your different accounts.

    Personally, I started with £100 which allowed to do a few of the introductory offers quickly. I then upped this to £200 within a week and when I was feeling more confident with the matched betting process.

    You can start with £50. This will allow you to do each offer in turn. I’d normally recommend a slightly higher amount to allow you more flexibility when placing your initial free bets (to cover the liability needed in the exchange account).

    If you’re ready to go then I wouldn’t hang on until you have a larger pot as you can always add more money at a later point. Your pot will also slowly start to grow from the free bets. You can then familiarise yourself with the matched betting process slowly.

    I hope this helps you.

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