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This post sets out some pointers to find your way around Profit Accumulator’s forum. The forum is a discussion board for a wide range of matched betting topics. Using the forum is essential to help maximise the amount of money you can make matched betting.

You can find my full review of the service Profit Accumulator provides here. The main reason I chose Profit Accumulator was due its large membership. With more than 20,000 active members, the forum benefits from their experience and expertise. As a result, the forum is Profit Accumulator’s biggest selling point. No matter how simple or complicated the query is, you can always find an answer to any question you might have. It’s a place that provides much needed support when you start matched betting. And it’s packed full of advice on different techniques and strategies you can use as you become more advanced.


The forum layout is very clear so it is easy to find relevant topics. Every single offer has its own dedicated discussion topic. These are grouped according to what type of offer it is, for example a signup or a reload offer. An archive section also lists all of the discussion topics for offers that have expired. This is helpful if you need to refer back to different offers, for example if you want to check the terms for a free bet. It’s also possible to read back through entire topics to check the types of questions that have been asked.

There are also wider sections where announcements are made, and offering general tips and advice. These might cover specialist subjects like how to avoid being gubbed and how to complete different types of matched betting offers. I also find it helpful to check whether offers sent to me via email are worth completing. As these are only available for limited numbers of people these types of offers aren’t always listed on Profit Accumulator. But if you post details of the offer on the forum, other members will advise whether it is likely to be profitable.

The topics update in real time and you will receive desktop notifications when you choose to ‘watch’ different threads. The forum is backed up by a strong team of support staff and moderators. They ensure that no query goes unanswered.


When you sign up to Profit Accumulator’s free trial you will get access to the forum topics for both the offers included in the trial. Before completing either of those offers, I recommend reading both those discussion threads. This will give you a good idea about the types of questions people have had and the type of bets people placed.

I certainly found the answers to all the questions I had at first. Reading through the forum also gave me greater insight into how the offer worked. As I was still unsure exactly what I was doing at that point, this gave me the confidence to complete the first few offers.


When you sign up to full membership (paying either monthly or annually) with Profit Accumulator you will get unlimited access to the forum. The forum will be an essential tool as you progress through the initial sign up offers.

But the real value comes when you move on to reload offers. As well as checking the list of offers Profit Accumulator has on their main site, I also check the forum daily. This sometimes highlights other offers which are invitation only, lists price boosts and helps me find the best matches between the bookmakers and exchanges.

I recommend you watch certain threads to help boost your matched betting income. When you watch a thread you will receive desktop notifications to alert you to a new message when you are online. Also, when you open up the forum you will see alerts to let you know what messages you have missed since you last logged in.

These are the threads that I watch and refer to most days:

  • How to make £1000 a month (or £300 a month if you can only do matched betting in the evenings and at weekends)
  • Price Boosts Thread
  • Price Boost Questions / Chat / Discussion Thread
  • ACCA Offers Discussion & Questions
  • Ongoing Football Reloads

You can also choose to unwatch different threads if you don’t want to follow them all the time. This is handy when you might only want to watch a thread for a limited time, for example to see if anyone finds a good match for a specific offer. In addition, I will also occasionally watch the extra places thread during popular horse racing events, like the Grand National, Cheltenham and Royal Ascot.


It’s also possible to follow updates from the forum if you’re on the move. The Pushbullet app is available for all smartphones, and can be linked to the Profit Accumulator forum so that you never miss an update. This makes it easy to keep abreast of offers when you are out and about. It’s also ideal if you’re working but want to sneak in time for matched betting during a lunch break.

Hopefully this post gives you a good introduction about how to make the most of Profit Accumulator’s forum. To find out more about the services Profit Accumulator offers then take a look at my in depth review or take part in their free trial to see if matched betting might be for you.

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